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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Top Picks: Nailpolish Must Haves

Well, HEL-LO all you fab people who have been waiting for a blog post from little ol' me for well over a month! I know, it's been ages. After mid-December I kind of fell out of love with my blog for a while because I wasn't quite sure I could keep up with all of the new launches out there and whether or not there was room for me in the blogosphere anymore. I'm sure you'll all agree that it's a pretty saturated market now and while I love having a space of the net where I can air my thoughts, I know I can't keep up with those who have made a full time living out of their blog.

I tip my hat to you people.

Anyway, after much umm-ing and ahh-ing, I thought I'd give the blog one last push of effort and love because I do enjoy writing and there are a few people out there who actually give a sh*t about my two cents worth so I'll do it for as long as I can until I do decide that enough is enough.

Now that we've got all of that cleared up, I thought I'd whip up a quick post about some of the must-have nail polish shades that I think everyone should have at least one of in their beauty arsenal. Some of these are limited edition but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to get hold of them today or at least find a shade that is very similar!

Essie - Mint Candy Apple
Now this is the epitome of all mint hued nail polishes which I've featured on here at least twice before so I won't go on to all of the schpiel but this is one amazing polish that most women will either already have or have lusted after. It's the perfect mint shade with the perfect consistency. Could it be more perfect? I think not.

*Leighton Denny - Hypnotic
Before I was sent this Leighton Denny polish I hadn't actually tried anything from the brand because it's not exactly one you can see on a counter in your local department store or in Boots, however I was pleasantly surprised by this. A duo chrome in the bottle, this murky greeny-bluey-purpley number caught quite a few eyes when I first wore it a few weeks ago and I think it's down to the fact that it changes colour in the light so is an interesting one to look at. A lot of duo chrome polishes always fall a bit flat once applied to the nail but not this number, this will hold your gaze for longer than 5 seconds.

*Essie - Parka Perfect
This polish was in the Winter Warmers 2013 collection but only fell in to my lap recently so it's new to me and again, this is another eye catching polish. In the bottle there is definitely a fine shimmer running in the pigment but once applied, it disappears which is a shame because it would have looked really pretty if it was more noticeable. The colour is a murky blue-grey shade and reflects the British weather well right now so I couldn't think of a colour more suited to the weather even if I tried! It's a standard 2 coat wonder, which many Essie polishes are, so there's not much else to say about it apart from GET IT.

*Michael Kors - Rock Star
I like to think of this as an adult glitter, if that makes any sense, because it's not too much and has the right amount of glimmer to it so it stands out. It goes on quite sheer with one coat which means it can be layered over a black or beige polish but after three, it's opaque as a creme polish so all it needs is a top coat.

*Lancome Vernis in Love - Rouge in Love
The most beautiful coral-red that I own and a fantastic formula as well which isn't thin nor is it gloopy. I love all Lancome polishes and think they are most definitely worth the £13.00 price tag because all of the shades are extremely pigmented and classic so you can never go wrong. 'Rouge in Love' is fantastic against all skin tones and is the one shade that I recommend to all family and friends.

Revlon - Revlon Red
Christian Louboutin is said to have gotten the idea of his red soles after seeing this polish on someone's desk and using it to paint the bottom of her shoes so they stood now and while I can't confirm the story, I do like to think it's real because it's clearly the perfect red. One of Revlon's staple shades which has been around for as long as I can remember, 'Revlon Red' is the ultimate classic red which every woman needs and knowing that it's only £6.99 is the icing on the cake.

*Topshop - New Wave
No nail polish fiend has a complete collection unless there is a vibrant orange polish in the mix to brighten things up, especially during summer. 'New Wave' by Topshop has been another staple in my stash for a couple of years and another polish that I always recommend when people tell me that they are looking for a bright orange. You can't go wrong!

Illamasqua - Rare
I don't have a lot of products from Illamasqua but 'Rare' has gotten me more interested in the brand because it's such a sexy neon that I sometimes find myself just swatching it for fun on paper. Yellow highlighter incarnate, it is, but everyone needs a neon for those days when you need something eye-catching. Or for those days when you're going to an 80s themed party complete with a black light.

*Models Own Hyper Gel - White Light
The new Models Own range of Hyper Gel polishes have been the talk of the town because of the fantastic consistency and ultra glossy finish emulating a professional gel manicure. I was recently sent a couple of new Hyper Gel polishes and have to agree with the other reviews out there that the new Hyper Gel are fantastic and for only £5, they are up there with some of the more pricey polishes on the market at the moment. While 'White Light' isn't my favourite white polish because of I found it a bit on the thicker side, there's no denying the finish is the best I've used by far.

What are some of your all time favourite polishes that you think every woman should have?
Answers on a postcard please!

Amrita xoxo

NOTE: Products marked with * are PR samples

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  1. The Michael Kors Rockstar looks beautiful! Must give it a try :)

  2. Gorgeous line up! Those Essie shades in particular are going straight on my wish list :)


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