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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Rituals Bed & Body Mists

While I can wax lyrical over nail polishes, lipsticks and blushers for days on end, it's always a bit difficult to do the same about fragrances because people have different tastes when it comes to scents. and as much as I'd like to think I can pick up notes on first sniff, it's very unlikely that I'll be right. I haven't the foggiest how to tell my bergamot apart from my ylang ylang but as long as it smells nice then who really cares?!

Rituals is a brand that I've never really spent a lot of time exploring before but I've had two of their products on rotation for a while now so I figured that it was about time that I shared the love and put them in the spotlight.

I love a good body mist and I used to reach for my Victoria Secret Pure Seduction or Love Spell for a long time but since those ended up in the empties pile, I've been spritzing these two fragrances from Rituals post-shower day and night.

Rituals Happy Mist with Organic Mandarin and Yuzu is the newest launch out of the two and has a zesty uplifting scent to it which makes it perfect for spritzing on to to damp skin post-shower or on to fresh bedsheets, I prefer the latter personally because it makes my bedroom smell really light and citrus-y, which might not make a lot of sense but it does in my head.
Yin, on the other hand, does the opposite as the Organic White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren - no idea what Yi Yi Ren is but it sounds fancy - have a more calming effect so I reach for this on nights when I can't sleep alongside my Badger Sleep Balm, which is actually a Godsend of a product if you have restless nights. A couple spritzes of Yin on your sheets and pillow before you jump under the duvet really does help you to relax and send you well on your way to Snoozeville.

Would I use them as body mists? Probably not. They're not the kind of scents I want to be sniffing on my skin throughout the day as I like to use my perfumes instead but I definitely recommend them for your bed sheets or your room in general, if you don't fancy lighting a candle or having a reed diffuser knocking about.

Both of these Rituals Bed & Body mists/perfumes are priced at £16.50 each - quite pricey, I know - and available from Rituals online or standalone stores nationwide.

What do you lot think? Would you invest in a bed and body mist or is it just a waste of money?

Amrita xoxo


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