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Monday, 9 December 2013

KIKO Cosmetics Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow Set

KIKO Cosmetics has been on the lips of beauty bloggers quite a lot lately because the brand does premium-ish quality products for High Street prices so there really isn't anything not to like about the brand. They do everything from skincare to makeup as well as beauty tools and nail polishes so they're kind of a one-stop-shop for everything that your beauty product loving heart may desire.

I first spotted the brand about a year or two ago when I was in Westfield London - it's across the way from Topshop and Mango - and I ended up picking up a few nail polishes which I was very impressed with. I then made a conscious decision to pop in there every time I was shopping there to see if there was something else that tickled my fancy or decided that I just 'had to have', obviously it turned out that there was always something that I had to have. Go figure.

This little set arrived last week so got out my swatching arm and got to work!

The KIKO Cosmetics Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow Set is a set of 5 creamy eyeshadow sticks in sleek silver packaging.

Similar to MAC Shadesticks, the KIKO eyeshadow sticks twist up so you never need to sharpen them and you can apply them straight to your eyes or smudge them on using your fingers.

Pearly Shell
Pearly Onyx Black
Golden Green
Pearly Lagoon Blue
Smoky Brown

How pretty is that Pearly Onyx Black? shimmer wasn't noticeable until I actually swatched it so can only imagine how nice it will look all over the lid of blended in to the lower lash line.

All of the shadow sticks are creamy but not so much so that they smudge easily because after a few minutes, these didn't budge at all until I removed them with my bi-phase makeup remover from Nivea. I'm guessing that these will be quite long wearing on someone who doesn't have oily skin or eyelids but on me, I would definitely have to use an eyeshadow primer underneath them else they would end up fading pretty fast. Sad times, I know.

This set Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow Set is priced at £22.90 and available now from KIKO Cosmetics stores nationwide and the KIKO website.

Amrita xoxo


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  1. I love Kiko. At the moment I'm using their stick foundation; it's really good! These shades look great, I will check them out when next in Westfield.

  2. Good to know it doesn't last on oily lids! I was about to haul a bunch of them, but this review saved me.


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