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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Boutique Beauty at Sainsbury's

There's nothing better than finding a new affordable makeup range and then finding out that it's available in your local supermarket as well so say hello to the new range from Sainsbury's called, Boutique. Launched early this year at the height of summer, Boutique crashed on to makeup scene with a range of lipsticks, lip glosses, nail polishes and eyeshadows and considering the price point it's pretty darn good!

I've had a look at a selection of the products and the stand out ones for me are the nail polishes and lipsticks so I've thrown a few swatches together so you know what to expect when you're perusing the aisles and aren't sure what to pick.


L-R: Cloud Cuckoo Land, A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss and Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

I know, the names are random as they come and are a tongue twister which you probably won't remember but I guess they're trying to be different to all the other brands out there on supermarket shelves so you can't blame them for trying.
All three shades went on smoothly with no streaking or pooling which are massive peeves for me and they also dried fairly quickly too without a quick dry top coat so they seem to be all around winners. The only problem I did have is that they weren't very long lasting and after a two days I was seeing tip wear and chips which I absolutely hate on any polish.


L-R: A Little Bird Told Me and Plum Luck

Again, I have no idea what is going on with the names but I'm going to assume it's that point of difference malarky again. What would be so wrong with a Ravishing Red and Plum Night or something similar? It's easier to remember than A Little Bird Told Me, that's for sure!
These were quite light on first swipe and took about 2-3 to get a deeper colour payoff so if you are in the market for a lipstick with buildable colour then I would recommend these because for the price, they're not too bad at all. They are slightly drying so I would suggest using a good lip balm underneath but they lasted a good couple of hours on my lips before I needed to reapply which I think is quite standard with lipsticks anyway.

Overall, I'm impressed with the products I've seen from Boutique Beauty and think that they're good quality for what you get which is always good.

The nail polishes and lipsticks are priced at £7.00 each so they're not cheap as chips but they are still affordable and you can probably sneak them in to your trolley alongside those Oreo cookies and chocolate eclairs when you're next in Sainsbury's.

Amrita xoxo


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  1. Great review! I saw this brand in my newly redesigned Sainsbury's and I was very eager to try it. I will definitely do so now after reading your fab review!


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