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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Top Picks: Blue Moon

Although I'm a sucker for a green polish, blues are my next favourite and while I have a drawer full of blue hues, I found that I find myself reaching for the same ones pretty much all of the time. I'm sure everyone does the same thing and whether it's with nailpolish or blushers, there are always a few that you find yourself reaching for more often than the others. It's not neglect, it's just knowing what works and sticking with it.

Anyway, these are my top picks of must-have blues...

L-R: 2true 'Shade 15', Essie 'In The Cab-Ana', Bourjois '06 Adora-Bleu', Essie 'Aruba Blue' and Essie 'Bikini So Teeny'

*2true in Shade 15
When I was younger I used to love getting Blu-Tack and mould it in to the shape of really long talons and wear them as if I was some glamorous lady person, this is the polish equivalent. Gone are the Blu-Tack days because now there are polish shades like this out there that give the same blue effect but minus the nasty rubbery feel of the tack. It also helps that it's cheap as chips whereas the price of Blu-Tack has soared. Well, not really soared but I'm pretty sure it's not 50p anymore.

Essie in In The Cab-Ana
I first saw photos of this on Instagram I wasn't too sure if I could classify it as a 'must-have' but I have since eaten my words because it is a pretty polish. While it isn't the cheapest polish on the market and there probably are dupes out there, 'In The Cab-Ana' has had quite a few outings this season and had its' fair share of compliments as well. Like most Essie polishes, this glided on my nails and two coats gave an even and opaque finish so it gets a big beauty thumbs up from me!

*Bourjois So Laque Glossy in Adora-Bleu
When Bourjois launched more colours in their So Laque Glossy range a few months ago I jumped for joy. The consistency of the polish from this range is always on point and with a wide bristle brush, it's a cinch to apply polish and carry on your merry way because they give a great glossy finish. This cornflower blue reminded me of Filthy Gorgeous 'Minx' from a few years ago but as mine met an untimely end in the heat, this is the next best shade. Pretty on all skintones and lasted about 4 days before any massive chips and wearing.

Essie in Aruba Blue
I'm seeing a bit of a pattern here with Essie polishes and my stash - I clearly have more than I thought I did. This was the first Essie polish I picked up when they launched their diffusion line in Boots so it has one of those great wide bristle brushes and the polish is pure perfection. A metallic royal blue, this is one of those polishes you can admire all day long and I have spent many a'time doing exactly that. It did start to show tip wear after a day but I've noticed that with dark blue polishes so I don't think it's just Essie. Anyone else found that, too?

Essie in Bikini So Teeny
Oh look! Another Essie! *face palm*
There was a lot of buzz around Bikini So Teeny when it launched last year as part of the Summer 2012 collection because it stood out next to the usual orange, green and pink so I grabbed the mini version of this to see what the fuss was about. Again, similar to the Bourjois 'Adora-Bleu' this reminded me of Filthy Gorgeous 'Minx' but it's not as dark. It looks quite fresh and clean on nails which makes a nice change after all the mental neon polishes I've been wearing recently. 

I'm sure there are other blue polishes that I could nominate for my Top Picks but these five have held my heart for long enough to have earned a spot in the line up.

What are your favourite blue polishes?

Amrita xoxo

NOTE: Products marked with * are PR samples

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4 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. I love the Essie one too, I prefer this as it isn't so blue but more a pastel shade.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. If you're talking about Bikini So Teeny then it is like vibrant pastel. Fragrance Direct have it for £1.99 at the moment so take a look at their site! x

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