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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Paintjob: China Glaze 'Flip Flop Fantasy'

It's no secret that I'm big on a good neon polish. The minute I spot one on a blog and/or Instagram, I have to make it mine.
That is what happened with this number from the 2010 'Poolside' collection by China Glaze, 'Flip Flop Fantasy' has become a must-have polish for neon lovers everywhere because it is so eye catching and almost impossible to capture in a photograph.

I tried everything in my power to try and capture just how neon the polish is but nothing works. I tried flash, no flash, adjusting the white balance, using my phone - EVERYTHING! It's so frustrating because to the naked eye, this polish is unreal and so eye catching that you genuinely won't be able to stop staring at it. You'll receive a million and one compliments on it as well as a couple of weird looks because it isn't for everyone but try to take a photo of it and your lens just goes berserk.
Christine, of Temptalia, managed to get a good photo of it (obvs!) which you see here - LINK!

For some reason, I really struggle with neon polishes when I've got a base coat on underneath as the first colour coat will always drag and go gloopy. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I've tried different bases and it happens to all of them so if anybody has a trick that I don't know about, please share it!

This polish took 3 coats for a solid and even colour as well as one swipe of China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat (review to follow) before I was completely done. It lasted 3 days on my hands and 5 on my toes before I changed it up so if you're looking for an vibrant colour for a weekend then I would definitely recommend it.

You can buy China Glaze polishes from BeautyBay for £6.95 each as well as Sally's Beauty Supply stores nationwide.

I'm going to try and get a Top Picks up soon of my favourite neon polishes so look out for that over the next week or so!

Amrita xoxo


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