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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

NEW: Lila'lli Cosmetics - First Impressions *Photo Heavy*

This is going to be one seriously photo heavy post so if you're attempting to read this on your smartphone or super slow laptop, you have been warned.

I was recently contacted by a new brand, Lila'lli Cosmetics, asking if I would like to take a look at their new products which are launching this month on their website and I jumped at the chance. I love getting sneak peeks of new products and a new range is always a bonus so after an initial rummage through, I thought I'd better get swatching so you lot can see what the brand is about.

Lila'lli is the brainchild of Amina Ajayi, a graduate of the University of Arts with a BSc in Cosmetic Science, who worked with various cosmetic and skincare brands as a consultant in product development. After several years of helping other brands set up their businesses, Amina decided it was high time she took all of her knowledge and created her own range therefore giving us Lila'lli Cosmetics.

The brand were very generous and sent me a hell of a lot to play with so I'll keep the waffle to a minimum and let the swatches do all the talking - That's what you're all here for!

Top to bottom:
- Lip Collision x 3
- False Eyelashes x 2
- Line. Define. Fill. Pencils x 2
- Pigment Infusion x 2

False Eyelashes:
Available in 7 styles, I was sent 2 pairs to try but I'm a complete noob when it comes to applying eyelashes so I'll have to get practicing before trying these out.

Lip Collisions:
L-R: Isabella, Sophia, Marilyn

I know you might be thinking "Holy crap that's a massive lipstick" but Lip Collisions are a dual ended product with a lipstick bullet up top and matching lipgloss at the bottom. REVOLUTIONARY!

Swatches (Lipstick on the left and gloss on the right):
Isabella - A creamy nude

Sophia - A warm Barbie pink

Marilyn - A fiery red

Line. Define. Fill. Pencils
Top to bottom: Blackmail and Charlotte

Labelled as 'The new generation of pencils', these multipurpose pencils are long-wearing and waterproof as well as being suitable for use on eyes, lips and brows - Not sure about that lilac as a brow pencil though!

Blackmail - Definitely a jet black and extremely soft
Charlotte - An intense lilac but not quite *there*

Pigment Infusion
L-R: Graffiti and Paths of Glory

Pigmented powders in different textures that can be used on eyes, lips and cheek

Graffiti - Bright and matte fuschia powder
Paths of Glory - Rose gold pearl finish powder

First Impressions

The cardboard outer packaging looks sleek and not fussy at all, which is always great because I find that anything too 'in your face' distracts from the branding. The inner product casing is pretty straight forward and stands out because it's purple and white, instead of the same old black or transparent plastic.

I was really impressed when I saw how vibrant the colours looked before swatching and, after taking a look at the release, they've got a pretty big collection for a start up brand - 46 products.

The first swatches of the Lip Collisions and Pigment Infusions really showed that the products are just as pigmented as they look and don't have any kind of chalky finish, which is sometimes a problem with newly formulated products. However, I can't extend the same sentiments towards the  Line. Define. Fill. Pencils because, while Blackmail is great, Charlotte was really hard to swatch and didn't have half as much colour pay off that I thought it might. I was hoping for a vibrant lilac but it fell flat and looked *meh*. I'm hoping the other shades in the pencils are as soft and easy to blend like Blackmail because Charlotte is most definitely not for me and I doubt it would even put a dent on your eye makeup.

Starting at £8, the most expensive product will be £16. I have no idea how each item will be priced at the moment as the information isn't available on the press release but I will update this post when I know. I don't think the price point is too bad for a new brand as there obviously a lot of costs involved for a start up company and I'm sure as they develop their line and more products are launched, their pricing may change to reflect it.

As promised, I kept the waffling to a minimum and I will be sure to update all the information as and when it comes available to me. I will, of course, do a more detailed review of the products as and when I use them so I can comment further on the longevity of the products as well as fall out and ease of use. I know these things are all important when it comes to new products and brands so I will definitely try and give you all the skinny so you can make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing!

The Lila'lli website is launching this month with all 4 product ranges and 46 shades in total so as soon as it goes live, I'll be sure to let you know via Twitter and Facebook as well as this post. You can also follow Lila'lli on Twitter so I'm sure they'll be tweeting up a storm once it goes live, too.

What do you think? Is there anything from this brand that catches your eye or have you seen it all before?

Amrita xoxo


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  1. I really like those lashes!!

    1. The lashes looked really good and once I've figured out how to apply them, I'll do a review. Ha! x


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