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Saturday, 20 July 2013

NEW: Guerlain Voilette De Madame - Fall Collection 2013

Although we're basking in the sunshine at the moment, it won't be long before the leaves turn and we're reaching for our cable knits and 100 denier tights. The autumn season will also mean new makeup collections so we'll put our coral lipsticks to rest and start reaching for deep berry tones and sapphire blues. It's the norm and we're used to it.
With that being said, I recently received the Guerlain fall collection and it doesn't disappoint with its deep pink tones and shimmering pewters, and that is just the products I've seen!

Clockwise: Colour Fusion Eyeshadows Vibrant Effect in 02 Two Stylish, Retractable Cream Kohl & Liner in 05 Amber Silver, Gloss D'Enfer Intense Colour & Shine in 860 Madame Batifole and Colour Lacquer in 860 Madame Batifole

Top to bottom:-
- Colour Fusion Eyeshadows in Two Stylish: deep blue and metallic grey
- Gloss D'Enfer in Madame Batifole: an electric spakling fuschia
- Retactable Cream & Kohl Liner in Amber Silver: a rosy silver

First Impressions

Eyeshadow Duo:
I was really keen to try the eyeshadows and after I'd gotten past the gold outer casing, I swatched the shadows and thought 'meh'. As pretty as they are, they're just not very interesting and the pairing isn't one that I would have thought to put together in the first place. I love a good blue eyeshadow but I found that this one wasn't pigmented enough for the matte finish and it would take a pretty good primer to get the colour to show up as intensely as I'd like. The silvery grey, on the other hand, is buttery soft and shimmertastic - right up my street - so if you're not a fan of shimmer then I would probably stay away of this duo because all of the beauty lies in that grey.

I love these Guerlain lipglosses because they have a "bare lip sensation", meaning they don't feel sticky or like a gloss at all. They feel a lot like a balm because of the softness and they have a decent amount of colour pay off too so they are big winners for me. The shimmer in this fuschia pink gloss is a lot more visible in the tube/vial than on the lips so if that was putting you off, you really don't need to fret. 

Amazing. Seriously.
The colour is spot on and completely different to any others I have in my collection so this is a big winner for me from the products that I was sent. It is a rose-tined pewter shade that has some serious staying power so whether you apply this to your waterline or smudge it into your lower lash line, it will not budge. The water resistant formula is perfect for humid summer days or balmy evenings because it isn't going to disappear like the rest of your makeup and the colour will suit all skin tones and eye colours.

I haven't had a chance to swatch the nail polish as yet but I will post that as a separate paintjob post so look out for it!

Overall, I quite like this collection from Guerlain and it is a pretty big one because there are 3 shades of Exceptional Complete Lip Colour, 1 beautiful looking 4-Colours Blush, 3 shades of Gloss D'Enfer, 1 nail lacquer, 8 duos of eyeshadows and 5 shades of the gel-like eye pencil, so there are TWENTY ONE products from the collection to pick from. Trust me, you'll want it all.

Prices start at £18.00 for a nail lacquer or eye pencil and go up to £42.00 for the blush palette, all will be available nationwide from 1st August 2013.

If there is anything that I would recommend from this collection then it is more definitely the eye pencil in Amber Silver. Buy it and thank me afterwards.

Amrita xoxo


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