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Tuesday, 18 June 2013



Some of you may have noticed that I disappeared off the blog for a while - not that that's anything new - and you may have also noticed that a lot has changed on here since I last blogged.

If you didn't then shame on you!

Well, I have been very busy thinking about what to do with little space of mine because it was coming to a point where I had to decide whether or not to blog anymore. I think all bloggers go through a stage where they have to look at their blog and their life and thing "Can I do both?" I know a lot of bloggers are able to and I tip my hat to them because I know how much of a struggle it can be.
I, however, started to think that I couldn't.

I have been blogging for about 4 years and it has opened up many doors for me but my career in PR is quite demanding and working in beauty PR means that my work life and private life collided in to one. Yes, the collision was definitely beneficial as I love what I do but when you spend all day at work writing or talking about beauty products and then come home to do the same, things can get quite mental and messy.

So I took a break and have been taking little breaks from blogging for the past year. The way I saw it was that if I couldn't put the effort in to the blog and give my readers something interesting to feast their eyes on, then there just wasn't any point in it. I know other bloggers may agree with me here because it genuinely does happen to a lot of us and I know some with huge audiences would be able to relate as well. Blogging is very demanding and over the last year, it has grown and changed immensely. The fundamentals have gotten lost along the way and nowadays it seems to me that it's much more of a race. I don't know what the prize at the finish line is but I know that I'm not trying to keep up.

My blog is my space. Whether I update it three times a day or three times a month, I'm able to get my thoughts and opinons out there for all to stumble upon and that is fine with me. I may not get a million hits a month or 50 comments on a blog post but that is a-okay because I didn't make a blog to make a point. I made a blog because I could write what I wanted and didn't have to worry about any expectations.

And that is what I want to go back to.

I had my whole blog redesigned - I'm hoping you've noticed by now - because I figured that a fresh look would give me the boost I needed to look at things with a fresh idea and fresh pair or eyes.

My plan is to keep bringing my readers honest reviews, raving posts about things I love and a mix up of everything else my mind can come up with. No expectations from anyone.

I'm hoping you'll stick around and bear with me while I find my fingers (and my mojo) because I think I'm ready to get back in action!

Amrita xoxo

P.S. A big shout out to Abby of Baggle Web & Design for spending ages pimping out my blog with a new header, layout and sweeping post menu. We shared countless emails until it was all perfect and I genuinely couldn't thank you enough! xoxo

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