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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Beauty News: Maybelline Baby Lips

After months and months of whispers and rumours, the secret is finally out...
Maybelline New York are launching their bestselling Baby Lips lip balms in the UK from August!

Hydrate - Lemon basil scent
Cherry Me - Cherry scent
Peach Kiss - Peach scent
Mint Fresh - Mint scent
Pink Punch - Passion fruit scent
Intense Care - Cherry almond

Launching with 6 flavours, the lip balms are going to be the talk of the town because the packaging is nice (Erm, hellooooo bright colours) and they genuinely are lovely lip balms. I've had 'Cherry Me' for about a year now because I asked a cousin to bring it over from New York for me and it is a staple product in my handbag and on holiday.

There are three balms which contain SPF20 and three that are tinted so you can pick and choose depending on what you fancy.
With SPF20:
L-R: Hydrate, Mint Fresh, Intense Care

Without SPF but with a tint:
L-R: Pink Punch, Cherry Me, Peach Kiss

All of the balms are made up of aloe, honey and a high concentration of shea butter to ensure that your lips remain soft and chap free. They also have an added benefit of Centella Asiatica plant, which boosts the look and feel of them so it's a win win, if you ask me!

Now I don't usually blog about products as soon as I receive them because I like to use them to see if they actually work but as I've used these for a year, I can honestly say that they are handy little lip balms to have lying around in the car or in your handbag as well as in the office. They stand out than your average Chap Stick or tub of Vaseline and the sheer balms do actually add a light tint to your lips, albeit a very light tint but a tint nonetheless.

These are launching in August and will be priced at £2.99 each. Like Jane of British Beauty Blogger said in her post (HERE), I have a fleeting suspicion that these will launch earlier than August so I will let you know if anything changes.

Have any of you tried Baby Lips before? What are your thoughts?

Amrita xoxo


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12 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. I've been waiting for these for so long! So excited to try them :)


    1. You will definitely have to try one when they launch, plus at £2.99 they aren't going to break the bank. x

  2. i love baby lips, but I don't see the Grape one there....looks like it's being replaced by cherry almond in the UK.

    1. There's a grape one in the U.S? Not fair!
      I think they recently launched some neon/fluro ones in the U.S too but I highly doubt that we'll get those here. x

  3. Look at all the other artificial stuff in them. The SPF comes from nasty chemicals. Can you guys get Buddha Balm there? If not buy online. Best lip balm in the world.

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