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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Models Own Ice Neon 'Luis Lemon' Nailpolish

Lately, I've been going on a bit of a neon trip and am all over those overly bright 'in your face' shades more than I have ever been. From shoes to nails, if it's an obnoxiously loud shade of pink, yellow, pink, green or red then I need to have it in my life in some way, shape or form.
If you follow me on Instagram then you'll have already seen this painjob and probably think I am mad for wearing such a tripped out colour on my nails but who cares?! If you like it, own it!

This is 'Luis Lemon' from the Neon Ice collection by Models Own:
 This photo really doesn't do it any justice so I took the photo below with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) and it definitely picked the colour up a lot better:

It's still more vibrant in real life but this is the closest I could get to the colour without adding an Instagram filter so you get the idea of how insanely bright we're talking!

I did have to use white undies because the polish itself is very sheer so I used two coats of 'Floral Street' by Nails Inc. and followed by one coat of 'Luis Lemon' and it was a match made in neon heaven. Not only does the white provide you with a good base but it definitely intensifies the pigment in the polish so it's even more eyecatching.

You can still buy the Models Own Ice Neon collection from larger Boots stores nationwide or online from their website so I would definitely recommend adding it to your stash and pulling it out on days when you fancy something extra. Trust me, you won't regret it.
On a side note, I don't keep this polish in the fridge like you're meant to (or so the brand says you're supposed to). I don't have the patience for that kind of faff. Plus, keeping a nailpolish next to the eggs, milk and beer is a little weird.

What's your favourite neon? I'm going to do a post soon on other neon bits that I have added to my life but if there's something you have that you think I'd like, tell me what it is and where I can get it!

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your

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