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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Oily Scalp Be Gone!

Now, the first thing you'll notice about this post is that I've used stock images as opposed to actual photographs that I've taken and that's because I got so carried away with getting stuck in with these products that I completely forgot to take photos. I'm sure other bloggers will agree with me when I say how frustrating it is to come to write about products you've loved using only to find that you forgot to take the photos. These products are so good that I had to make do with stock images because they definitely deserve their time in the spotlight. Well, on my blog anyway.

My name is Amrita and I'm oily.

My face is a constant oil slick so foundations just slide right off by the end of the working day and my hair always looks like it's ready to deep fry some chips a couple of days after I've washed it. It's the biggest pain in the backside of my life and often causes me quite a fair bit of trouble because it's hard to find products that actually work. I'm always told that I'll come to love the oily face situation when I'm older because it'll help keep me young but the oily scalp situation is the worst thing ever. Actually, having oily hair that has a tendency to fall in the shower is even worse. It's just a lose lose equation.  Bad times, right?

I was introduced to the Aveda Scalp Benefits range by a friend of mine who used to work for Aveda and it definitely improved the condition of my scalp and hair.

The shampoo and conditioner combo help to cleanse hair down to the root as well as removing excess sebum and buildup, the latter being where my oily scalp issue comes from. I understand why I'm oily but controlling it seems to be where the trickiness lies but these two products from Aveda made such a big difference because I found my hair didn't look too greasy after two days and it was only around the three or four day mark that I needed to wash it. 
I know some people wash their hair every day or every other day but I've got long-ish hair and it's a ball ache and a half to have to wash/blowdry/straighten it every day so I usually have to wack out the ol' dry shampoo around the third day (sometimes the fourth day if I'm being really lazy). However, I do notice that after I've washed my hair with these badboys, my hair doesn't look too greasy and I don't get a lot of fall out either. Win win.

If any of you suffer from the same problems that I do then I would definitely recommend trying this range from Aveda. It's pricey (£15.50 for the shampoo and £17.50 for the conditioner) but it's worth it and it's reason why I've repurchased them both twice since I first tried it.
You can buy them from Aveda salons, concessions or online from HERE.

On another note, if you've got a suggestion of a good foundation for oily skin then PLEASE drop me a note in the comments box or tweet me - @6inchstilettos.

Until next time...
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*Originally PR samples but have repurchased twice since*

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  1. wow- love this. i actually need to invest in this! thanks for sharing:)

  2. I have used their products before and absolutely loved them! This article has just reminded me I should re-invest :)

  3. This way even if the liquid gets onto dry areas of your face, the results will not be very dramatic in terms of more dryness. Tead this


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