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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick in 301 Magnolia Organza

Givenchy lippies are the talk of the town at the moment because of their leather outer casing and gorgeous colours, as well as some lucky few receiving personalised ones, so when this landed on my desk a while back, it tickled my fancy straight away. Having never tried Givenchy makeup before, the nailpolish of the same family and lipstick piqued my interest straight away and I now have a list of other things I want to try. Bye bye money come payday.

The Le Rouge Intense Colour Sensuously Mat lipstick in Magnolia Organza is a gorgeous red toned pink that has zero to do with magnolia and zero to do with organza. Seriously, shade names really baffle me sometimes but whatevs.
Emblazoned with the iconic Givenchy logo, the lipstick is almost too pretty too use and makes me want to keep it in my 'Do Not Touch' box... But I won't because it definitely deserves to be worn and admired.

The photo above isn't as true to life as I would have liked it because there is definitely more pink in the formula but my camera just doesn't pick the colour up. It's also not compltely matte which I am fine with because matte lipsticks and I don't get along all the time whereas the creamy formula of this one means that we'll be best friends until death do us part. Or until I get to the end of the bullet. The swatch above is just with swipe so imagine how vibrant it could be after it's been applied, blotted and then applied again... Ahhh, it's the dreams lipsticks are made of.

Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks are available from Givenchy counters nationwide and online from House of Fraser for £24.00 each.

As a Givenchy newbie, are there any products you would recommend from the brand? Drop your comments in the box.

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  1. o wow I love thiss!!
    UK High Street Fashion

  2. Oh wowwwww, this colour looks amazing! I love Givenchy lipsticks just for the logo engraved on it!

    Beth-Lou's Beauty Blog


  3. This looks so stunning! High end lipsticks are beautiful, although I'm yet to treat myself to one. xx

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