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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

NOTD/Review: China Glaze Holographic 'Galactic Gray'

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter then you would have seen a photo that I posted last night of an amazing holographic nail polish and as promised, I'm revealing all today. Well, the title already gave it away but the polish on my nails is part of the new China Glaze collection for 2013 called HoloGlam.
There is nothing I love more than a good holographic nail polish ever since I bought GOSH Holographic but they aren't the most easiest polishes to come by because they usually sell out faster than you can actually say 'holographic'. China Glaze are known for their fab collections, especially their holo ones that they release every so often, so I highly recommend that you all grab as many of the polishes from the HoloGlam collection that you can afford. You won't regret it.

Anyway, this is Galactic Gray:

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I saw the bottle because it looked like a standard metallic gray polish with flecks of holo particles but once I'd applied it, I fell in love. 


Isn't she just so damn beautiful?
For the last few days I haven't been able to stop looking at my nails because it's so eye catching. From far you would think it's just a metallic gray but as soon as the light hits, it's a completely different story and colour. It also lasts a hell of a long time than GOSH 'Holographic' which had to be renamed to 'One Night Only' or something because that is exactly how long it lasted before peeling off and looking a mess. That is not the case with this polish and I assume the whole HoloGlam collection. I managed to get 4 days of wear out of this polish and I probably could have gotten another day or two because I only just started to see tip wear but there were no chips and it still looked good as new. Trust me, when this collection launches it'll sell out FAST.

The HoloGlam collection launches soon (I don't have an exact date yet but will update this post as soon as I do) and will be available from

So, how many of you are in love with this shade as much as I am? I've also got another polish from the HoloGlam collection so I'll be posting about that over the weekend so you can fall in love all over again.

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your


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  1. Gorgeous! Your swatches are giving me major regret. I stood in the shop yesterday deciding between this and Infra Red - I've literally just minutes ago posted about that and although it's nice it hasn't blown me away - this one looks great tho. Not sure whether to go back for it! x


    I am actually hyperventilating.

    Shit girl, I'm going to have to email you.


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