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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

NOTD: Nails Inc. 'Sloane Gardens'

I love me some glitter and don't care who knows it. Yes, it is a pain in the arse to remove and before I started doing the kitchen foil trick I may have been impartial to a bit of scraping off using my metal nail file but you can't deny that a bit of spangle on your nails looks good. Seeing as the "festive season" is now over, some may think that it's time to retire the glitter polishes but I think it's quite the opposite. Sod the rules and go glitter crazy!
If I had a steady hand and an ounce of creativity then I would definitely do some funky monkey nail art but seeing as I have neither, I'll stick to a standard paintjob of glitter upon glitter upon glitter. Three coats for good measure, of course. Yes, three coats. I'm a bit anal like that because I like to have a thick coat that needs to be sandblasted off.

Anyway, this is 'Sloane Gardens' by Nails Inc...

Ignore the crappy application, the photos were taken before I had tidied the cuticles up and gotten rid of the random particles and just admire the beauty of this navy blue matte-ish spangle monster. Now I say 'matte-ish' because it initially dried matte but I don't see the point in a matte glitter because then there's no obvious sparkle so a couple of coats of my Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat and there was some understated pizazzing going on.
This Nails Inc. polish first caught my eye at their SS12 event where they gave us a sneak peek of their AW12 collection because I don't think I'd ever seen a navy blue glitter before. It's just not a shade that you see a lot because the usual glitter suspects are red, gold and silver but there was something about having a navy blue glitter that I just couldn't put out of my mind. I bet some of you are trying to think about where you might have seen a navy blue glitter now.. Go on, admit it. You can't think of any. Yes, you can probably layer a couple of polishes up and create something of the sort but this is just a thick navy glitter polish with no underwear on so it has a pretty good and dense finish to it.

Nails Inc. polishes are available online from the website and are priced at £11.00 each, which is quite pricey but sits in the same quality crowd of China Glaze, O.P.I and Essie.

So, can you think of any densely packed navy blue glitters? Let me know if you can because I'd be interested in hearing which ones they are.

Until next time...
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