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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Review: Origins Drink-Up Intensive

I'm all about hydrating face products at the moment so this amazing product from Origins has been my saviour for the last couple of months. I know the weather can play havoc on everyone's skin, especially going from radiated homes and offices in to chilly winds but I've never really had my skin react badly to it. I'm usually fine to keep using my normail winter moisturiser and night cream without needing the help of additional masks and serums but this year is a little different. It could be down to hormones or my skin changing as I get older but I've had to introduce some extra few products in to my standard skincare regime to ensure that I don't end up a wrinkly old prune. A bit of an exaggeration, I know, but the necessary precautions must be undertaken.

After hearing Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup rave on about the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask on Twitter for ages and then hearing Caroline of Beauty Mouth join in, I flagged it on my radar and put it on my list of products to try. And try it I did.

The mask itself has quite a fruity scent to it but this doesn't actually bother me whatsoever because it feels so good on my skin and I've been reaping the benefits of it over the last two months since it came into my life. The key ingredient of Hyaluronic Acid is where the magic lies and what, I'm guessing, makes the biggest difference to my skin because it is so dehydrated. From what I've gathered, Hyaluronic Acid is pretty damn good for your skin and helps to keep it plump and hydratred so dosing up on any products containing this gem couldn't really be bad for you.

The texture of the mask is quite thick so a little does go a long way and even though the instructions state to tissue off the excess, I quite like a thick layer and letting it soak right in before I go to sleep. I tend to use the mask 3 or 4 times a week because my skin has been so problematic but now that I've started to see the difference I'm going to take it down to 2 or 3 times a week, depending on how I feel. It's entirely up to you and that's the beauty of the product. It really works and it's easy to keep applying it once you see how good your skin looks and feels the morning after. I think I saw Caroline tweeting about keeping her tube in the fridge so that when she applies it, it has a cooling effect so I'm definitely going to try it that way and see how my skin likes it. However you decide to use it, you'll love it!

Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask is priced at £20.00 and available from Origins online and counters nationwide.

Have any of you tried this before? I'm all about masks at the moment so if you've got any recommendations, drop a comment in the box.

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  1. I haven't tried this before but I recently tried the Out of Trouble mask which is good for blemish prone skin, although it kinda smells like vicks it is amazing and has really helped my skin! xx

  2. I've been tempted to buy this for a while, you just persuaded me all the way lol! Definitely going to get this now!! =D xo

  3. Really want to try this! Heard great things about the Origins masks x


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