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Sunday, 4 November 2012

NOTD: Bobbi Brown 'Twilight'

I'm all about dark colours at the moment and although I like to throw in a random glitter or neon post now and again during the season, I set up home in my fall shades and end up staying there until the sunshine comes back and brightens up my day.
Bobbi Brown recently launched a collection with two new nail shades which was a MASSIVE surprise from the brand as they stopped making nail polishes a while ago. The Desert Twilight collection which launched in Summer was made up of shimmering browns and golds with pops of turquoise so there was something for everyone and products to take a look from day to night.

Twilight was a shade from the collection that caught my eye straight away...

Isn't she a beaut?

A shimmery dark chocolate brown with a hint of purple that not only looked pretty in the bottle but pretty damn good once applied, which by the way only took 2 coats to get a nice opaque finish. The other shade in the collection was a gorgeous turquoise blue which I still want to get hold of so I'm going to have to add that to my basket after pay day!
I've had a look on the Bobbi Brown website and you can't buy this shade online anymore but you might be able to hunt it down at your local counter or you can buy it from Selfridges online. Keep an eye out for the new nail shade in the new nail polish shade from the Caviar and Oyster collection. Believe me, you'll want that one too because I saw it the other day and it is blimmin' beautiful.

Bobbi Brown nail polishes are priced at £11.00 and might not be around for a long time so if you see them at your local counter or online, get in there quick and snap them up!

What do you think of the shade? Isn't it just perfect for autumn?

Until next time...
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