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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review: Joop! Homme Wild & Harvey Newton-Haydon

I very rarely cover grooming or men's fragrances on my blog but I think I might just have to because I think it helps women see what's new out there for their men AND male grooming products are usually endorsed by a very very sexy bloke. Case in point, Joop! Homme Wild.
A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the launch party for the new Joop! Homme Wild fragrance and while I was intrigued, I wasn't too fussed about going because I knew there wasn't gong to be much in it for me but I cantered down to Apres, where the event was being held, and had a poke around. I should probably add in here that when I received the invite to the event and was told who the 'face' of the fragrance was, I didn't have a clue who the bloke was. I understood that he was a model but that was about it and apart from the fact he would be obviously gorgeous, I wasn't actually ready for how hubba-hubba sexy this man was.

Enter Harvey Newton-Haydon (Click the link and you can follow him on Twitter. Yes, I did a bit of Googling)

This photo doesn't do him any justice and he can definitely be forgiven for those dodgy loafers that he has on but trust me when I say, he is beautiful in the flesh. I had a right ol' perv over him and even warned the PR that I may try to kidnap but at some point but I restrained myself and just watched from afar. Ahhhhh.

Anyway, back to the fragrance.

On first sniff, I didn't really take to it very well and found it to be quite 'young', however after a while the scent definitely came in to it's own and settled down to quite a dark and heavy fragrance which I actually quite like now. The fragrance is built around a heavy heart note of rum, which is hardly used in perfumery, but it helped to give the fragrance character and distinguish itself from others on the market. That might not make any sense but from the spicy top notes of pink pepper to the base ntoes of blond tobacco, the fragrance sits on a fence of being wearable during the day and night - Something that isn't always possible but Joop! have figured it all out.

That and the fact that Harvey Newton-Haydon is drop dead gorgeous probably played a factor in me liking the fragrance even more. Seriously, don't believe me? Check out the video of the launch party below and you'll understand why I now fancy the pants off of him!

The fragrance is available nationwide now and is priced at £22.00 30ml, £39.00 75ml and £50.00 125ml.
Sadly, a semi-naked Harvey does not come with the fragrance but God damn it I wish he did!

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your

*PR SAMPLE* - The fragrance, not the man. Unfortunately.

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