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Monday, 24 September 2012

Products I've Used Up - 001

Being a lover of makeup, skincare and spending bucketloads of money on them both, it can be hard to reach the bottom of a product and feel that pang of satisfaction. A normal person probably pops to the shops to get a new moisturiser, finishes it and then heads back over to buy another jar/bottle because they know it works. Beauty junkies like myself pop to the shops to buy a moisturiser and come out with a new nail polish, eye liner, lipstick and foundation just because we saw them and thought 'Well, seeing as I'm here and I'm going to run out of XXX soon'. We've all been there and as much as we might try to deny it, it is a bad habit to have not to mention an expensive one.

I've tried to be quite strict on myself lately by only indulging in new products once I know I've completely finished one or am going to be nearing the end. It's a difficult task but it really does feel great to finish a product and then trying something new altogether, if you haven't tried it before then I recommend you do. Seeing as I hardly post about products that I've used up, I thought I'd do a quick post on here because they are all definitely worth a purchase and speedy reviews are always helpful.

It did take me a while to get to the bottom of these products but I'm so glad that I did! Hooray for me!

Biore Make-Up Removing Wipes - Available from Boots, Superdrug, Asda and Sainsburys
I know make-up wipes are the lazy girl's way of taking her face off and they probably do more harm than good but sometimes you just can't beat that initital feeling of wiping a day's worth of grime from your face before you treat your skin to a deeper cleanse. These Biore Make-Up Removing Wipes are great for heavy duty foundations/powders because they cut through the product and take it all off in one clean swipe. They didn't irritate my skin at all and it made my proper cleanse (i.e. using an actual cleanser) a lot easier because a lof of product was already gone.

Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturising Brightening Cream - Available from
A fantastic moisturiser that smells fantastic and really did keep my skin comfortable and hydrated throughout the day. There's nothing worse than applying a moisturiser only for it to either A) sit on the surface of the skin or B) disappear without making the skin look or feel good. Korres are known for being a natural brand so there are no nasties in this Wild Rose moisturiser and I'm pretty sure it's won a few awards in its time too because people are never disappointed. I can't really comment on the 'brightening' factor because of my oily skin and combination of foundation/blush but it sure as hell felt good on my face and that's good enough for me.

Dr. LeWinn's Skin Renewal Overnight Exfoliator - Available from
I've been using this product ever since I ran out of my Alpha-H Liquid Gold and it's a right gem of a product. Containing Natural AHA and Vitamin A, Skin Renewal really helps tackle those dodgy breakouts that decide to attack your face when your least expecting it and breaks down dead skin cells so your skin feels smoother. I apply this 2-3 nights a week, especially when I feel a breakout coming on and it works wonders for me so I highly recommend this product.

Korres Mango Showergel - Available from
I absolutely LOVE this showergel! I've never really paid much attention to shower gel but started to once I noticed that the one I was using (not mentioning any names) started to dry my skin out and wasn't doing anything beneficial to my body. The Korres Mango Showergel not only smells amazing, the smell does linger once you get out the bath, but it also makes my skin feel softer and there are no more dry patches - Woohoo!

I've gotten through a few more products since I took the photo for this post so there probably will be another one of these on here sooner than I was expecting.

Until next time...
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  1. I have been meaning to try the Korres face cream for a while now but there aren't that many reviews on it. Will you be repurchasing? Is it that good?

  2. Hi Lickly Star..
    I really liked it and have already repurchased it. The rose scent isn't too overpowering either, if that was a concern for you. xx


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