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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

NOTD: China Glaze 'Turned Up Turquoise'

I'm determined to add more China Glaze nail polishes to my collection and when I saw this polish in Sally's a couple of months ago, it confirmed what I already knew about the brand - They do good polish. China Glaze are more of a salon brand but that doesn't mean they aren't on trend or have their finger on the pulse of their consumer because they churn out just as many collections as other big nail polish brands. One of their last collections called 'Capitol Colours' tied in with The Hunger Games movie release but they've also launched a safari collection and  a neon collection... All of which are gorgeous shades that I would love to have in my stash.

Turned Up Turquoise is definitely on the 'neon' side of the spectrum and it's actually brighter in the flesh than it looks in the image below so you can imagine how eye catching it really is.

Like all neon polishes, this China Glaze number dried to a matte finish so I just added a slick of my Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat (more on this later) for a glossy look and I absolutely love it. I genuinely can't express how much I love this shade and it never fails to catch eyes as well as compliments so if you're thinking about which China Glaze shade to buy next time you're in Sally's or browsing online, you should put this in your basket.

China Glaze polishes are priced at £6.95 and available from BeautyBay, which isn't too bad considering you get 14mL in there and they are fantastic quality. You can also get them from Nail Polish Direct who sells them for £5.45. Race you to the checkout!!!

I've got my eye on the 3D Prismatic collection which is on Nail Polish Direct, which I'm sure is an old collection but I love me some holographic gorgeousness. Does anything catch you eye?

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