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Monday, 6 August 2012

NOTD: American Apparel 'Neon Green'

When I think about neon nail polishes, my mind drifts back to days of dodgy consistencies and painting each nail a different shade of garishness but fast forward 10 or so years and here I am again. However, the dodgy consistencies have evolved and I'm sticking with painting all the nails on my fingers in one shade, for now. I love neon polishes and have spent most of the summer (if that's what you can call it) applying and reapplying nail polish in brighter-than-the-sun shades that definitely require sunglasses because looking directly at them can cause damage.
Saying that,  you should all put on your sunglasses because this nail polish is an actual blinder!

This is Neon Green by American Apparel:

A bright in-yer-face neon green that is less of the Shrek and more of God Dayum. My fancy schmancy camera didn't pick up the neon-ness of the polish as much as I liked it to so I resorted to using the camera on my BlackBerry and it really did bring out the madness...

See what I mean? It's such a blindingly beautiful colour that I just can't get enough of it.

I've never really looked at American Apparel nail polishes, namely because AA isn't a place where I tend to shop as spandex isn't a good look on my curves, but I was pleasantly surprised with the consistency of this one and the overall range of shades. There aren't loads to choose from but a basic range of shades that won't ever go out of style so you can't really go wrong. I did buy a couple more neons from there but sadly the yellow neon is a hot mess and did everything you don't want your polish to do (i.e. lumps, bumps and general crap consistency). On the flipside, I am loving the Neon Red from there so I'll be sure to do a NOTD post on that because it's a gorgeous bright coral-red number that looks great on the tootsies.

American Apparel nail polishes are priced at £7.99 in store but £9.00 online so I'd recommend going in store. That extra £1 can come in handy somewhere else!

Are there any other shades I should have a look at? There are a couple of glitters that I've seen so I might go back after pay day and pick those up... A girl can never have too many glitters, right?

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your

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