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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

NOTD: Lancôme Vernis In Love 'Rouge In Love'

I love Lancome nail polishes so was glad to hear that they were revamping their collection and creating a new 'Vernis In Love' range to complement the 'Rouge In Love' lipstick range. With Emma Watson as the young and fresh face of the brand, Lancome were definitely heading in the right track by creating colours that would appeal to a younger audience and step away from the usual mumsy types that were normally associated with it.

Far from the mumsy look is this gorgeous coral-red nail polish:
This is Rouge in Love.

It's a beautifully creamy nail polish that only needed 2 coats to achieve an opaque finish which is a huge bonus in my book. Extra brownie points get awarded to Lancome for revamping the nail polish brush because it's gone from being a standard thin brush to a wide 'one stroke' kind of brush so it takes less time to paint your nails and it doesn't leave any streaks behind either. Bravo, Lancome... I salue you!

The range of Vernis In Love nail polishes are available now from Lancome counters nationwide and online from the website, priced at £12.00.

What do you think? Have any of you tried the new Lancome Vernis In Love nail polishes?

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  1. I have never tried any Lancome nail varnishes but this looks like a lovely little treat for the summer.

  2. i havent tried lancome nail varnishes either, but i am totally loving this color!!

  3. Thanks for your comments, girls :)
    It's such a pretty shade so definitely recommend picking it up! x


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