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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

News: Essie Opens One Stop Salon Shop

Just as we're getting excited about Essie nail polishes being available in Boots stores nationwide, the U.S obviously had to do one better and open up the very first Essie flagship salon in New York City. I guess that was going to be the next step for them seeing as Essie is readily available in drug stores already and has been for quite some time.

Here's a snap shot of how the salon looks inside...
The salon, designed by interior designer Peter Millard, features clean white lines and pops of colour in the form of custom dyed love seats in iconic Essie shades like 'Mademoiselle' and 'A-List'. It is here at the flagship salon that you can pick a mani and pedi colour from all 250 Essie shades which is pretty damn impressive.
Essie Weingarten commented on the opening of the salon saying:
"This is a day I have long lived for. It is such a surreal experience for me to walk down East 65th street (between Madison and Park) in Manhattan, and see my name on the awning of the salon! It is the first essie salon of its kind in the world."

I don't blame Essie Weingarten for being so excited about the opening of a flagship salon... I mean, I'd be overjoyed just to have a nail polish named after me!

If you're in the Manhattan area or are planning a trip over to the Big Apple any time soon then I definitely suggest you make an appointment at the Essie salon so you can take on the city with manicured nails and a pedicure to die for.

35 East 65th Street, New York


Manicures start at $32 and pedicures start at $65
I'm not even going to hold my breath and wait for an Essie salon to reach our shores because it's taken us blimmin' years to get the range stocked on the high street but I will make a point of visiting the salon when I'm in NYC next. You know what they say: When in Rome...

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  1. That looks so lovely. Adds to list of reasons that I need to go to new York!

  2. Oh wow, that looks so good1 I'm getting pretty obsessed with Essie polishes so visiting this would be lovely :-)

  3. I would very much like to live there. x

  4. Wow that looks amazing!
    Cool blog :)


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