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Monday, 9 July 2012

Review: Benefit Ultra Plush Gloss in Dandelion

Benefit have now launched their gorgeous range of Ultra Plush Lip Gloss which complement some of their bestselling box o'powders and I for one couldn't be happier to see them. I've never been one to ensure that my lipstick or gloss matches the kind of blusher that I'm wearing, or the clothes I'm wearing for that matter, because I quite like to freestyle but I do like the concept of these beauties.

There are 6 different Ultra Plush glosses that match up with their blusher counterparts:
- Bella Bamba
- CORALista
- Dallas
- Dandelion
- Hoola
- Sugarbomb

Having always heard good things about Dandelion I was interested to see how it would pay off on my skin tone because it is a lot lighter than what I'm usually used to with my blushers.

The gloss has a slight gold irridescent running through the sheer peachy pink colour but it's not very visible on the lips so it gets a big thumbs up from me. The blusher, a pale pink with slight pearly finish, is definitely buildable so might not look too bad on my skin tone but anyone who is fair will probably be able to get away with a quick sweep across their cheeks.

I have to admit that my love for the gloss probably outweighs my love for the blush because it doesn't actually feel like a gloss. There's nothing worse than applying a gloss and having it feel like glue or getting your hair stuck on your lips, both of which this badboy doesn't do. It applied smoothly and one layer was enough for it to give a glossy finish but not so much where it looks rubbery. All in all, I'm impressed.

Dandelion Ultra Plush Gloss - £13.50
Dandelion Box O'Powder - £23.50
You can buy the Ultra Plush glosses at Benefit counters, stores and online now.

I'm definitely going to invest in CORALista and Sugarbomb next. What about you?

Until next time...
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  1. Thanks for the review! That color is very pretty!

  2. I love the bellabamba lipgloss. Not only does it feel and look amazing, but it also tastes fricking gorgeous!

  3. i love dandelion too!

    it's hard to makes dandelion seen in my face, but it's very pretty to be a brightening face powder .. Love it!

    now i'm waiting my hervana <3

  4. this is really pretty! love the packaging!


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