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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Revlon Photoready Cream Blush - Flushed & Coral Reef

I never win anything. No matter how many competitions I enter or raffle tickets I buy, I never seem to be the lucky ticket holder... Well, that was until the other day when I won two Revlon Photoready Cream Blushers in a giveaway that Yinka of Vex In The City was holding on her blog. These beauties aren't launching in the UK until next week I believe but Yinka picked them up on her trip to the U.S for herself and for one lucky winner - The lucky winner being ME!
From the minute I read Yinka's post, I knew that these badboys had to be mine so I began searching eBay and the likes but refused to pay a ridiculous amount of money for something that was going to end up over here after a few weeks. However, I no longer have to wait because they are in my possession and I completely agree with everything Yinka said in her post... These are pretty damn good.

The pink shade is called Blushed and the orange/coral is called Coral Reef.
I took a few photos and swatches so you can see what they look like before picking yours up when they launch in the UK next week.
The photos are actually quite true to life because the blushers really are bright in the tubs, however don't let that scare you because once yous watch them they aren't so scary.

The product has a velvety feel to it, somewhere between a gel and a powder. I swirled my finger tips across the product once and it picked up a fair bit so I recommend going little-by-little with these as it's always easy to overdo it with a cream blush.


No flash:
The single finger swatches show you just how pigmented the blushers are before you blend them out which is why I stand by my previous statement that you should apply these little-by-little.

Blended out - Flash:

Blended out - No flash:
Even though these still look relatively pigmented once blended out, it is less vibrant when on the cheek. I used these this morning and just couldn't get enough colour pay off with Blushed on its own so I layered Coral Reef over the top and loved the finish of it. They didn't last very long but no cream blush lasts all day anyway but the beauty of the product is that it is small enough to be thrown in to your handbag so you can touch up your cheeks throughout the day.

The first thing I thought of when I saw the product and packaging was that they looked like a cheaper version of Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge products which are firm favourites for lots of women. Although Pot Rouges are bigger in size and designed to use on both cheeks and lips, the Photoready Cream Blushers in Blushed and Coral Reef look like the more vibrant, younger sisters of Pale Pink and Calypso Coral Pot Rouges. I definitely recommend picking these up when they launch next week because they're going to fly off the shelves.

Big thanks to Yinka's friend for picking my name out of a hat and bigger thanks to Yinka for holding the giveaway in the first place!

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your

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  1. Both the colors look SO pretty xx

  2. I'm not normally a revlon fan but these actually look really good!!

  3. GORRGEOUS COLOURS!! you can probably use them as lipglosses too!!

  4. These are amazing colors! Perfect for the summer.

  5. these are very pretty! I heard these dont last long at all :(

  6. those look so pretty. I bought some Revlon lipglosses a while back and they're the exact same colours! Would be great for doing matchy-matchy looks.
    S xx

  7. coral reef is very pretty!!


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