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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Big Reveal: BeautySeen PR's Project X is....

I think the photo does all the talking!

Jane of BBB was on the case of the Dr.Jart+ arrival back in April, the products landed on my desk this morning and the big launch is tonight so I guess that's all the proof that we need that the Grandmasters of the BB world are now in the country.
If, like me, you've never really bought in to the whole BB thing then this will definitely be somewhere for you to start because you can't really go wrong with the original Beauty Balm all the way from Korea. Big corporate brands have tried to duplicate and imitate BB creams but to no avail as they either get the shades wrong or the concept altogether so it's nice to be able to buy the real deal in the UK.

There are 4 products in the range:
  • Platinum Beauty Balm SPF30 - RRP £22.00 - Addesses skin showing the first signs of ageing. A protective Beauty Balm with a long lasting level of coverage to even out skin tone and hide blemishes, redness and age spots - minimising the need for foundation. This badboy is infused with Acai Berry and Blueberry Fruit Extract so it's extremely hydrating and conditioning.
  • Regenerating Beauty Balm SPF30 - RRP £21.00 - This is perfect for those with sensitive skin or prone to irritation as it helps promote the regeneration of skin cells as well as soothing skin to leave it looking hydrated and radiant. The key ingredient is Snail Secretion Extract which is hydrating and Jojoba Seed oil which is calming.
  • Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF25 - RRP £18.00 - Definitely the front winner with innovation as BBB pointed out in her blog post back in April. The Water Fuse Beauty Balm is for those with combination and dehydrated skin as infuses moisture and leaves skin with a fresh and dewy finish. The ingredients to note is the Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Pulsate Extract which add to the hydrating, soothing and calming benefits.
  • Premium Beauty Balm SPF50 - RRP £24.00 - The most expensive out of the BB products from Dr.Jart+, the Premium Beauty Balm has the highest level of SPF out of all the products. This BB targets the concerns of older skin as it helps to reduce age spots and imperfections with the benefit of the Bio Peptide Complex, which helps improve skin elasticity and firmness by stimulating collagen and hyluronic acid.

So there you have it!
I've not tried the products yet but I will be giving them a thorough testing and letting you know exactly how they stand up against my usual foundations and tinted moisturisers.
Dr.Jart+ is now available from Boots stores nationwide and online from

Hats off to you, BeautySeen PR *claps hands* as you managed to keep it a secret and keep us all interested. Well played! Now, treat yourselves to a big glass of wine and put your feet up!

Until next time...
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