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Saturday, 18 February 2012

NOTD: Filthy Gorgeous 'Midnight' & 'Decadence'

I just realised that I've had this post sitting in my 'Drafts' for a while now so I thought I ought to finish it off and it posted on here before I started working on the long list of things I need to write about!

I know I post a lot of nail polish posts and they aren't the most interesting but nail polish posts are actually my favourite because, in my opinion, you get to see how a nail polish actually looks on as opposed to in the bottle. If you know nailpolishes then you'll know that there's always a difference with how a polish appears in a bottle and how it looks when it swatches because most of the time it will look competely different.

Filthy Gorgeous 'Midnight' is a creamy navy blue that applied extremely smoothly and dried surprisingly quickly. There's nothing worse than having to wait ages for a nail polish to dry when you're too lazy to apply a topcoat or when you know you're going to be adding some sort of detail on top of it.
Now, for those of you who have been reading my NOTD posts for a while, you'll have noticed that there is no nail art on this blog. It isn't because I don't like nail art because I think it looks great when done properly, it's that I don't have a steady enough hand to actually do it. I've tried countless times and failed countless times because I don't seem to be able to exert enough control over a brush to make a pretty design.
Hell, I can't even do a french manicure on myself!

When I started seeing people do gradient effect nails with glitter, I didn't think I could do that either because I assumed it would be a messy job but it turns out that it's actually easy.

This is Filthy Gorgeous 'Midnight' and Filthy Gorgeous 'Decadence' on the tips. (And those would be my Mickey Mouse pyjama bottoms in the corner)

I simply dabbed on the sparkly silver nailpolish with the brush and made sure that I built it up a bit more at the tip before spreading it down the nail. Okay, so it isn't perfect but I'm not good with intricate things so this is my attempt at nail "art" - I use that word very loosely. On the flip side, I did get loads of compliments on how my nails looked because apparently it looked quite difficult to do (HA!) so I must have done something right.

These photos were taken a couple of days after I had painted my nails so there is very slight tip wear but who cares about that anyway?

What do you think? Are glitter gradient nails 'in' or 'out'? I'd love to know some more easy peasy nail art tricks so if you know of any, let me know by dropping a comment in the box.

Oh and remember that you can buy your Filthy Gorgeous nail polishes from the new online shop - HERE.

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your

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