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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Review: Wash/Cut/Blowdry at the House of RUSH

Before I beging my review of the House of RUSH, I need to state that the photos I took were absolutely crap because I left my camera at home and had to use my BlackBerry. Usually, my BlackBerry doesn't do too bad of a job but the battery was dying so the flash wouldn't work... Yadda yadda yadda.
Basically, my photos are rubbish.

Back in November, I was given the chance to go for a treatment at the brand new House of RUSH in Piccadilly, London. I opted to get my hair seen to rather than a facial or massage and managed to get an appointment the day before my birthday so I could seen the ripe age of 24 with fantastic hair. RUSH hair is a salon franchise to be reckoned with and the new House of RUSH is no different.
As you enter the main RUSH hair salon on Piccadilly, you know that it can only get better. The chic and classy decor of the downstairs salon sets the scene for what else is to come when you're ushered upstairs to the main House of RUSH.

The product corner:
The House of RUSH is packed with loads of different L'Oreal hair care brands so there is something for every hair type. Redken, L'Oreal Professional, Kerastase and Shu Uemura and Mizani are just a few of the brands that are used in the salon which is great because they are able to cater to all hair types and requirements.

The salon:
How lush is that?
The salon is absolutely gorgeous and is a mix of classic pieces with a modern twist. Each station is spacious so you don't end up sharing a mirror with the person next to you and you get the full attention of your stylist.

The next few photos were the ones that I took so you'll see how the quality is absolute pants.

Hair washing stations:
The hair washing stations were actually amazing as the chairs were super comfy and had a massage feature so you can relax and unwind while getting your hair washed with one of the many product ranges on offer. The young man who washed my hair for me was lovely and knew exactly when to stop talking so I could enjoy my time on the salon which I think is actually really important. The last thing anybody wants is to be stuck in an uncomfortable conversation while getting your hair washed when all you really want to do is just chill out and enjoy the experience.

The hair pre-chop:
My hair wasn't really in bad shape before I went in for my treatment as I had only had it trimmed three months earlier but my stylist, Gabriel, explained that I should actually be getting a trim every six to eight weeks. Gabriel was everything a gal could want in a hair stylist. He listened to my concerns, asked me what I was after, made a few suggestions and met me half way before he embarked on the journey of sorting out my barnet.


Getting blowdried:

The finished look:
The end product was amazing and exactly what I wanted. Gabriel sorted out my layers, feathered the front and shaped up the back so I still had the length but had a lot more movement. It is so easy with long hair to forget about the shape and for it to fall flat but I had no worried after my treatment because it looked amazing!

The entire treatment took just over an hour which is standard for a wash, cut and blowdry so you could probably be in and out of there on your lunchbreak, if you're able to take add an extra 10 - 15 minutes. The staff were absolutely fantastic at the salon and extremely knowledgeable so if you have any hair concerns or suggestions then they are the ones you want to be speaking to and discussing them with because they really know their stuff.

Prices start at £49 for a cut and blowdry for women and £39 for a cut and finish for men. Make sure you check out the House of RUSH website for more information and book yourself in because you won't regreat it!

Until next time...
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NOTE: Treatment was complimentary

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