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Monday, 2 January 2012

NOTD: Orly 'Red Carpet' & Filthy Gorgeous 'Extravagance'

If you read my previous post then you'll know how unimpressed I was with Orly's Red Carpet nail polish. It was thin and needed at least three coats before it was remotely opaque so I panned it and wrote how I would never recommend it to anyone. Well, I haven't changed my mind but I didn't want to remove the polish and reply something else so I thought that I may as well layer something else on top and give it a completely different look so that was exactly what I did. Seeing as it was Christmas time, well the week before Christmas, I knew that it was the best time to pull out the red glitter polish and get away with it so I got to play with Filthy Gorgeous 'Extravagance'.

I love glitter and although I wish I could wear glitter on my nails 365 days a year, I would probably look quite strange and would have to buy nail polish remover by the bucketload. Filthy Gorgeous launched a range of glitter polishes back in November and they are fabulous because they're sparkly enough to catch the eye and they come in different colours so you can always match them with a base shade. I had quite a few people asking me which nail polish I had used to achieve the festive look because it is eye catching as there are six different sized particles in the glitter to give it a bit of dimension. I love it!

You can buy Orly minature nail polishes from Boots and you can buy Filthy Gorgeous polishes online from their website.

What kind of nails were you fashioning at Christmas? If you've got a post on your blog, link me in the comments box!

Until next time...
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24 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. Pretty! Just like Dorothy's ruby red slippers. :)

  2. Happy New Year! I haven't tried Filthy Gorgeous nail polishes before - how are they to apply? These colours are just beautiful - sparkly and jewel like!x

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