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Friday, 20 January 2012

L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Range

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the launch of the new L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise range so I skipped on over there (Well, really I got a cab) and had a poke around the new products before having my hair washed and blowdried by a pro. The event was a small intimate affair with a few bloggers coming in to meet the L'Oreal Paris team and their hair expert, Chris Appleton.

The new Hair Expertise range is made up of three mini ranges; EverSleek, EverPure and EverStrong. 

EverySleek is perfect for frizzy, unruly hair, EverPure is for coloured hair that needs moisture, smoothing or volume and EverStrong is for fragile and brittle hair. The range in products means that there is something for almost all hair types which is great. As a consumer, we are so used to seeing products for "Normal", "Dry" or "Coloured" hair so it makes a nice and welcomed change to see a range of products that go slightly deeper than that and tackle the problems that we really have. All products in the range are sulphate-free and contain natural botanical oils and extracts to help restore vitality, radiance, shine and strength.

The packaging looks a lot more high end than what you might expect to find on the High Street which is a bonus considering the price tag is more down to earth. At £5.99 for a shampoo or conditioner and £6.99 for the intensive masque, the range is affordable for everyone and with generous sizes, it means you won't need to purchase them so often.
After being greeted by the lovely L'Oreal Paris PR team, I was then introduced to one of their hair experts, Chris Appleton. I always feel a bit intimidated when meeting an "expert" because I feel like I might say something really silly and they'll just look at me like a complete twit but Chris was lovely. We went through my current hair routine and the products I use, I told him everything I knew about my hair and my concerns, he then suggested a range out of the new Hair Expertise products that would be ideal for me.

That would be me ^^^ boring Chris with the stories of how my hair is a greasy mane while he tries not to look too disgusted with the state of my oil slick look. 
I was then treated to a hair wash using the EverStrong range, which might I add was so relaxing. If my stylist had massaged my scalp for a minute longer, I would have been out like a light!
I tried to capture the whole thing as we went along so apologies for the boring photos!

I'm absolutely rubbish at blowdrying my hair and have no idea how to handle a round brush without turning it into a weapon and attacking my hair with it so it was nice to have someone do it for me to give me a nice Kate Middleton-esque curly/wave affair. (N.B: I know she isn't Kate Middleton anymore but Kate Windsor just sounds weird)

Does anyone else have trouble blowdrying their own hair? I'm sure I'm not the only one! Professional hairdressers make it look so bloody easy but I can just about straighten my hair let alone going blowdrying it. I never seem to be able to roll the hair, dry it and pull the brush out without dropping the hairdryer or, like I already said, getting the hairbrush caught up in my mane.

Check out the hair...
I picked the brains of my stylist as much as I could while I had the chance and asked her all the way I could achieve nice wavy locks without breaking my arm trying to blowdry my hair. Her tip was to dry my hair like normal and then split it into two, roll my hair into two seperate buns on the side of my hair like Princess Leia, let it dry and then take them out. As I write this, I am sitting here with my hair in those two buns and hoping for the best!

Me and the lovely Chris Appleton...

My hair hardly ever keeps any type of wave or curl because it is too straight for its own good so shortly after leaving the event, gravity took hold and my hair returned to its normal poker straight self. Never mind, it was great while it lasted!

I've now been using the *L'Oreal EverStrong products for just over a week and while I'm not completely convinced that they're doing anything spectactular to my hair, I am enjoying the change in haircare products. The EverStrong range is infused with rosemary, juniper and mint which smells amazing and the ingredients are meant to help revitalise hair so it feels stronger. Here's hoping that my hair stops falling out and my locks are restored to their former healthier glory!

The new Hair Expertise EverStrong, EverPure and EverSleek ranges will be available from February at Boots stores nationwide.

How many of you will be trying out products from the range? Let me know in the box!

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your


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  1. Haha- I can see myself in the background of your photos! I so wish I could blowdry my hair properly- I just get really impatient! X

  2. My hair doing whatever it can to annoy me, I would need all 3 ranges: frizzy & unruly hair, check (need EverySleek), coloured hair, check (need EverPure)and fragile & brittle hair, check (EverStrong).
    Now if only a brand could come up with something to fix all of my hair issue I would be exstatic.

  3. I can not for the life of me blow dry my hair! I swear it's a trick only known by hairdressers! May have to try the minnie mouse hair buns soon let me know how they work for you! :) xx

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