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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Review & Swatcheroonies: Avon AW11 Collection

Makeup brands work 6 months in advance so all of the A/W and Christmas collections that you're seeing in stores and magazines at the moment were actually showcased to press back in June and July. Working in the beauty industry, I'm now used to seeing Xmas products during the summer and this was one collection that caught my eye because the colours were so pretty.

The collection is made up of a nail polish, eyeshadow quad, lip gloss and mascara, the latter being the Avon SuperEnchant which I featured on here a couple of weeks ago.

First up, the True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in Glitz & Glamour
The quad is made up of 4 shimmery eyeshadows and a dual ended foam applicator. On first glance, the eyeshadows look like they would have some nice colour pay off but I know a lot better than to expect the best from some eyeshadows. I'm sure you've all looked at an eyeshadow and thought it would look amazing when swatched only to find that it falls completely flat and there is no colour payoff whatsoever... Well, I'm sad to admit that this is one of those products...

Do you see what I mean?! There is just NO colour payoff whatsoever and I had to rub the shadow pretty hard to get any sort of colour to swatch on my hand - Major fail. I didn't use a primer underneath the swatches because I wanted to see how pigmented they are without it and needless to say, I am not too excited by this at all. 

Glazewear Sparkle
A pink lipgloss with silver shimmer - Nothing new or surprising here but quite a pretty gloss to be worn on its own. It did go sticky after half an hour but I guess that is kind of normal for all lipglosses these days. If someone can please launch a lipgloss minus the superglue, that would be fab!

Nailwear Pro
I didn't actually realise that I didn't own a silver nail polish until I received this one in the post and now I can't bring myself to use it. Some of you may be wondering why but I'm scared that my hands will look like the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz if I actually used it so I keep putting it off... I will try it out, one day.

Overall, I wasn't too moved by the Avon collection and was especially disappointed in the eyeshadow quad because of the lack of pigment and just general quality. The lipgloss and nail polish are okay but again, nothing here that I would actually recommend which is a real shame because I would have loved to pinpoint some products to you all. I guess Avon can't please us all!

All of the products are available now from the Avon website.

What do you think? Is there anything in this collection that actually catches your eye?

Until next time...
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  1. Love the polish!.

  2. love the 4th eyeshadow.
    holli x

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