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Saturday, 26 November 2011

NOTD: Topshop 'Cut The Mustard'

A couple of weeks ago, while I was mooching around Oxford Street, I popped in to Topshop to see if there was anything in there that tickled my fancy. There was not. I just don't get the hype around Topshop and why people love it so much because I can never find anything I like in there apart from jeans. It's overpriced for what it is and you're almost always going to be able to find a cheaper version in H&M, New Look, Forever21 or good ol' Primark.
The one Topshop department that always catches my eye is their beauty section. After the successful launch of their makeup collection last year, it has become my first stop whenever I'm in the Oxford Street store. They have a huge range of nail polishes, blushers and all sorts that it always distracts me from the rest of the overpriced tat in the store. On my last visit, I spent a lot more time looking at the nail polishes and this shade caught my eye almost immediately because it dawned on me that I didn't have anything like it.

This is Cut The Mustard...
Could it be any more perfectly named? It is a lovely mustard yellow nail polish, a colour that I didn't know that I didn't own until I saw it. I love when that happens!
It does slightly run the risk of looking like an old smokers' nails but I don't care because I think the colour is so different to the pastel yellow or canary yellow shades that we usually see on this high street. It's really strange because I've never actually seen a colour like this in Boots or Superdrug which are the places where I pick up most of my nail polishes. It applied amazingly well and only took two even coats to get an opaque finish with one swipe of a quick dry topcoat to give it a glossy finish.

Is this a shade that you like or does it look a bit too "I smoke 40 fags a day" for you?

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  1. I love this colour, I think I might have to go and hunt for it in my local Topshop. I'm loving mustard colours this autumn/winter! :)

    Frances x

  2. Hi Frances,
    Thanks for leaving a comment.

    It's such a different colour compared to the other yellow nailpolishes out there and it really is perfect for Autumn. Hope you find it! x

  3. I'm really not a fan of the colour (don't even like to wear yellow) but I have to say I've been really impressed with all the Topshop nail polishes I've tried! I actually quite like Topshop but tend to buy more from the concessions than actual Topshop as I think it's a bit overpriced and you see people wearing the same thing everywhere.

  4. I love this colour, it's so right for autumn! Love Topshop polishes as well, they've got a really great formula
    Incense & Peppermints

  5. Loving this colour at the moment but it never occurred to me to wear it on my nails until now. I like it! Perfect name for this shade too. Topshop nail polishes are fab - apply well and are quite hard wearing.

  6. Eeeeee I NEED that colour!

  7. Love it looks gorgeous.I got a lovely yellow polish from George at Asda they do some yummy colours.Here it is on my Blog with black crackle polish looks like a bumble bee :)

  8. I can't decide if I like this. I spent so long trying to pink the perfect bright yellow - finally got my hands on ciate's big yellow taxi.

    But it's definitely something different.

  9. I'd be inclined to tip this colour with black, or even purple to move it away from the 'smokers nail' syndrome... or even add a little fine gold glitter polish.

    I love it, the only other mustard-y shade I've seen was from Barielle and I loved the look of that too! x


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