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Monday, 31 October 2011

Want To Be The Next Cheryl Cole?

If you've been following my ramblings on here for a while then you'll know that I very rarely report on celeb trends or anything of the sort. However, I'm making an exception today because I think the following competition might tickle some of you and one of you could be the next Cheryl Cole.

Firstly, by saying "the next Cheryl Cole", don't expect the following:
- Become a millionaire overnight
- Marry a half-bit footballer who will then go on to send nuddy pics to girls and cheat on you
- Simon Cowell to come knocking on your door asking you to be a judge on The X Factor
- Feel bad ass and punch toilet attendants
Okay, the last one was a bit of a low blow but I couldn't help it!

What you can expect is to be chosen from loads of girls to star in a television advertisement alongside Cheryl Cole in 2010 for Casting Creme Gloss. Exciting stuff, right?
Some of you may not remember those Casting Creme Gloss advertisements that were slotted in between The X Factor last year but it was when Cherill (a la Louis Walsh) dyed her hair red - See below.

Video sourced from L'Oreal Paris official Youtube page: HERE 

Do you remember now? I thought so!

L'Oreal Paris is offering 3 lucky girls to star in the next Casting Creme Gloss TV advertisement campaign alongside ol' Chezza. Starting from today until 27th November, fans can enter a photo of themselves in either 'tempting blonde', 'rich brunette' or 'fiery redhead' on the official L'Oreal Paris UK Facebook page. All you need to do is click on the application button on the left hand side of the page, follow the steps to enter and upload a photo of yourself then harass ask your family and friends to vote for you from 27th November to 4th December 2011. The most popular blondes, brunettes and red heads will then be shortlisted for a L'Oreal Paris Casting Day where you'll receive makeovers in preparation for a live audition in front of a panel of judges. The live audition is basically your chance to tell the judges why you love the Casting Creme Gloss so much and it also gives you the chance to do those hair flicks that we see the adverts - We've all done it so don't be shy. The winner of the competition will then appear in the Casting Creme Gloss television advertisements for 2012 alongside Cheryl.

NOTE: The competition is open to all UK and ROI residents aged 16 and over. Entrants must register with L’Oréal Insider. No purchase necessary. Entrants must colour their hair using Casting Crème Gloss. Closing date 27/11/2011. For full Terms & Conditions and to enter visit 
Whew, that was a bloody mouthful!
Let me know if any of you decide to enter because I'll definitely be casting (get it?) votes for you.

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your

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  1. i would love to enter, but i don't use their hair dye! xx

  2. ive entered, here is the link to my "Advert"


  3. Interesting competition! I'm too shy to do anything like this but ill enjoy watching everyones adverts !
    :) x


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