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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Review & Swatcheroonies: 17 A/W '11 Collection - Trio Eyeshadows

I love when cheap High Street brands churn out amazing collections and 17 is one of those brands that continues to impress me time and time again. From their fantastic quality products to their ability to release products that are always on trend, there is nothing about the brand that I can fault. Their new A/W '11 collection is amazing and I really can't praise it enough because it is perfect for the seasons and everyone will find something that they love. The collection is based on three eyeshadow trios and matching nail polishes so I've split the review and into two so the post isn't too photo heavy.
First up, the eyeshadow trios.

I receive loads of press releases via email and through the post but this was definitely one of the first ones that caught my attention from the get go so kudos to you, 17.
The trios and co-ordinating nail polishes are split in to three themes (L-R)
- Enraged (Trio) & Fury (Nail Polish)
- Broken Hearted (Trio) & Sulk (Nail Polish)
- Vengeance (Trio) & Revenge (Nail Polish)

Trio Eyeshadow in Enraged
I can't stress how much of a sucker I am for neutral eyeshadows so these are right up my street. This shimmery pot of goodness is so beautiful and the colours aren't too 'in your face' so I know I'll be able to wear these at work or on a night out. The shadows are all extremely soft and blendable which is perfect because it means you can work with your fingers and don't need to have your brushes at hand. All of the above swatches were with one swipe of a finger and I didn't use any primer underneath so imagine how beautiful these will look once they're layered on top of a primer and are blended together!

Trio Eyeshadow in Broken Hearted
Again, beautiful colours and fantastic quality. I honestly can't say how much I love these little trios because I will run the risk of repeating myself over and over again. The Broken Hearted trio is made up of a dark jade, teal and silver which complement each other so effortlessly that even a broken hearted girl would perk up a little after seeing these. I found the dark jade shadow a little harder to work with than the teal and silver but I can only imagine that this is a good thing because a little always goes a long way when it comes to dark eyeshadows.

Trio Eyeshadow in Vengeance
Last but not least, Vengeance. My dislike for all things purple has been well documented on my blog and I think it is one of those colours that you either love or you hate, there is no in between. I have, however, learnt to show some sort of appreciation for the shade because I can't deny that the shade looks pretty in makeup products. Thankfully, Vengeance isn't as purple as it could have been and instead is based more on aubergine and plum shades which are a lot more wearable compared to some other shades in the family. Again, all shades are extremely soft and easy to work with so this would be perfect to throw in to your makeup bag and use to get ready after work for that office Xmas party.

These all get a HUGE thumbs up from me and I would definitely recommend them to friends, family and all of the readers of my blog because they are superb. The shades would suit pretty much all skintones and all occasions so you're not just limited to using them for nights out or Xmas parties. Everyone knows that I'm always going to Indian shindigs and weddings so these will definitely come in handy for more of those events as they'll add just the right amount of glitz and glamour without making me a disco ball.

You can buy the 17 A/W '11 collection now from all Boots stores and online from The trio eyeshadows are priced at £5.49 each, which is slightly expensive because you can buy a 12 shade palette from Sleek for a few extra pennies, but it is totally worth it!

How many of you have already picked these up and how many of you are going to skip them? Let me know!

Until next time...
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