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Saturday, 8 October 2011

NOTD: No.7 'Violetta'

With the colder weather finally here, after the short summer stint last week, I've gone back to the dark side of my nail polish collections. Although I love wearing bright shades in the winter to add some colour to my wardrobe, it doesn't beat wearing a co-ordinating outfit and nail polish combo. Today's NOTD post is with a shade that I've had sitting in my collection for a while now but just wasn't sure about the colour...

This is Violetta by No.7.
When I first purchased this it was purely on a whim because I had one of those No.7 vouchers that I didn't want to waste but as soon as I got it home, it went straight in to the drawer and was never seen until a few days ago. This shade has me baffled as in the bottle, it is definitely a purple-blue but in the photo it looks like a navy blue - I hate when that happens!

I don't have very many No.7 nail polishes, actually I only own 1 other polish from the brand, so I was quite impressed with the consistency of the polish and the fact that it went on super smooth. However, after a couple of hours of wear, there was already significant tip wear which really grinds my nerves. It is the biggest pain in backside when you apply a nail polish, admire the beauty of it and notice that it starts to wear a little at the tips after a few hours. Can you say "fail"?
Needless to say, I changed my nail polish almost immediately and don't think I'll be applying this shade any time soon... I'm sticking with my trusty Filthy Gorgeous 'Midnight' and Barry M 'Navy Blue' if I want this kind of shade again.

Has anyone else had this problem with No.7 or any other brand of polishes? Let me know who the offenders are so I can avoid them!

Until next time...
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  1. I got this same colour for my birthday along with another two colours and I really don't like them I find they go on streaky and are a bit on the thick side and like you said they chip so fast and take ages to dry too! Will not be repurchasing any of them.

  2. I got this polish too when I had one of those No.7 vouchers. I liked it at the time but it chipped easily and tip wear was atrocious as you have pointed out. I found it to be really thick too and it soon went super gloopy in the bottle. It's impossible to get any wear out of it now. x

  3. I haven't tried their nail polishes but I always get one of their eye pencils w/ my vouchers! Absolutely love them! x

  4. Hey all.. Thanks for the comments.
    I'm kind of glad to know that it wasn't just me that has had a bad experience with this nail polish and I can guarantee that I definitely won't be trying anymore from the brand either!


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