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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Smells Like.... A New DKNY Fragrance

The Delicious fragrance collection by DKNY has a new addition to add to the bunch and a yummy one it is... The new Golden Delicious fragrance is nothing less than gorgeous and the perfect addition to all the apple shaped perfumes from the brand. One of my favourite perfumes is the DKNY Red Delicious and I've gone through at least 2, possibly 3, bottles of it over the years. It is light and fruity and is one of the nicest fragrances to wear during the day because the scent lingers and doesn't evaporate in to thin air the minute you step out of the house.
The new Golden Delicious has base notes of musk, sandalwood and teakwood which blend together with the floral touches of white rose and muguet flower which create a sensory party from first sniff. Like all Delicious fragrances, there is a noticeable hint of an apple in the fragrance which gives it a fresh twist from all the floral elements. For me, this is the perfect summer evening perfume because it is heavy enough to wear for a dinner date and light enough for the scent to linger and develop.


For a limited time only you can pick up a gold DKNY Delicious clutch bag for free with the purchase of any 50ml or 100ml DKNY Delicious fragrance - Sounds bloody good to me!
Although I'm not a big fan of the bag - the apple design just doesn't do it for me - I might just end up using this as a makeup bag to throw into my handbag as the Anna Sui one that I'm carrying is starting to look a bit worn.

The DKNY Golden Delicious EDP is available now and priced at £32 for 30ml, £46 for 50ml and £64 for 100ml - You can buy it from all perfume stockists or contact 08700 342 566 for stockist info.

What is your favourite perfume? I have loads so I may do a 'Top 10 Fragrances' post soon!

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