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Sunday, 4 September 2011

NOTD: Ciate Paint Pots in My Fair Lady

The last couple of issues of monthly magazines has turned out some pretty decent freebies, from tshirts to nail polishes to creams and all sorts. The 'gift' that you get with mags is a good way to try out something from a brand that you might not usually look at it during your shopping sprees because it doesn't tickle your fancy or is out of your budget. I've collected my fair share of tat from magazines, most of which gets used once before getting binned or gathers dust somewhere in my room but this nail polish will have a much brighter future.

As a fan of Ciate Paint Pots and nude nail polishes, this 'freebie' was right up my street and was on my nails before I even flicked through the September issue of Marie Claire...
This is My Fair Lady...

The shade is a creamy nude shade with a very subtle hint of pink that helps it to look natural and not washed out like some nude polishes have the tendency to do. With nude polishes the consistency can sometimes be a bit too thin but I loved this because all it took was two quick drying coats to give a nice opaque finish with a layer of Seche Vite on top to give it a glossy finish.

A closer look:
My Fair Lady is a limited edition shade by Ciate which came free in the September issue of Marie Claire magazine so if you're lucky, you might still be able to pick it up from WH Smiths or local newsagents. Also, I'm pretty sure there is another colour to choose from and I think it might be a red, or maybe a grey - I have no idea but keep your eyes peeled for them anyway!

There are some gorgeous Ciate Paint Pots out there so make sure you skidaddle over to their website and have a look at what they have to offer.

What do you lot think? Is this a shade that tickles your fancy?

Until next time...
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