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Monday, 5 September 2011

Handbag Essentials: Pacifica Solid Perfumes

If, like me, you like to top up your perfume during the day but hate carrying around glass bottles because you throw your handbag around then these new Pacifica Solid Perfumes are perfect. Lugging around full size perfumes all day can be a pain in the backside because they're heavy and there's always that risk that they might break and splatter all over the contents of your bag but there's never that worry with solid perfumes.

The first solid perfume I bought was the LUSH Snow Fairy one because, well, it smelt like Snow Fairy which is still my all time favourite body product and because LUSH only stock the product during Xmas, I rely on the Snow Fairy Solid Perfume to keep me floating on the scent all day long. It seems all brands are jumping on the solid perfume train and have realised that it is probably the best way to keep consumers on your scent, in both senses of the word. Juicy Couture created their solid perfume ring last year, Chloe fragrances have a solid perfume necklace or something of the sort and I'm pretty sure there are loads more types out there.

Pacifica have launched 10 solid perfumes which are made cruelty free and are suitable for vegans because they are made from coconut and organic soy wax so if you're concerned about the ingredients, don't be!

I was sent French Lilac, Bali Lime Papaya and Brazilian Mango Grapefruit...

I absolutely love the packaging of these tins because they are small enough to fit in clutch bags for a night out or to throw in to your handbag if you're going travelling because at 10 grams each, they're hardly going to give you a shoulder ache!
My favourite is the Bali Lime Papaya solid perfume because is a lot more 'me' than the other two, plus I've found that the scent lingers for quite long which means you don't have to top it up as much during the day. The next one on my list to purchase is going to be the Tuscan Blood Orange which has notes of orange, raspberry and strawberry - Sounds delicious just thinking about it.

You can buy the Pacifica Solid Perfumes from HERE - They are priced at £10 each which is a lot cheaper than some of the other solid perfumes that are on the market so let me know if any you decide to pick them up!

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  1. I so want to try these! They're so cute :D

  2. Can't wait to try these out! New follower!Just found your blog via twitter. You can find me at

  3. I love the convenience of a solid perfume so may have to try these. x

  4. Thanks for the comments, girls. These really are a bargain buy but essential for every handbag. You don't have to worry about heavy perfume bottles or losing the lids because these are small enough to fit in pockets and won't take up space. x


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