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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Swatcheroonies & Review: BM Beauty - Brushes and Eye Shadows

Bring a beauty blogger has opened my eyes and my mind to all the different cosmetic companies out there and the products they offer. BM Beauty is a brand I knew very little about (Okay, I'm lying. I knew nothing about) until recently when I started seeing it crop up on a few blogs around the block. From what I gathered, it was a makeup brand created for and with ex-Pussycat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt.
Don't know who she is? Yeah, neither do I.

Anyway, the range of all-mineral products include eye shadow, lip gloss, foundation, blushers, bronzers and mascaras as well as makeup brushes. The cosmetics are all PETA approved and cruelty free so if you're very particular about products you use and their credentials then this one will tick those boxes.
I was sent a few products from the range to have a play around with so carry on reading...

I was sent the following products:
- Bronzer Blush Brush
- Eyeshadow Brush
- Mineral Eyeshadow x 4: Platinum Tiara, Dusty Road, Marble Sparkle and Her Majesty

The Bronzer Blush Brush by BM Beauty is a synthetic brush, like all brushes by the company, and is extremely soft but probably not one that I reach for on a daily basis. I went through a phase of loving angled brushes but have since rekindled my love for a full powder brush so my angled brushes hardly see the light of day and this definitely won't. It is a great brush for contouring as isn't very wide so it's easy to get in under your cheekbones but I've used it to apply blush to the apples of my cheeks and was not happy with the finish it gave.

The eye shadow brush has become a go-to brush for me because of the size and the the fact that I didn't have anything like it in my collection. I think having a good blending brush makes such a big difference when doing eye makeup and finding the right one can be a bit of a task. They're either too big, too small, not bouncy enough... You get where I'm going with this. The BM Beauty brush is labelled as an eye shadow brush but it's definitely more of a blending brush for me as it fit perfectly in my eye crease. With some blending brushes I have found that they drag the main lid colour and crease colour too much whereas this brush is the perfect size to do to some cut-crease action.

Eye Shadows:
Described as a rich sparkly grey, Platinum Tiara is definitely rich and sparkly but more silver than grey. It always baffles me when a product swatches completely different compared to what it looks like in the packaging and this is one of those that falls in to that category. In the tub, the eye shadow looks like it would be a slate gret with shimmers of silver but it didn't really translate in the swatch. It looks more silver-ish and has a slight duochrome to it with hints of pink - Can anyone else see that or is it just me?
That being said, it is still a very pretty colour and would look good during the day or at night. 

The BM Beauty website describes Dusty Road as a "Golden shimmery beige" and I think that they have it spot on. A very subtle gold shade that looks gorgeous when used as an all over lid colour and when blended together with a darker brown to create a bit of dimension. I can imagine this shade looking amazing on olive toned or tanned skin as well as darker skin tones as it has the right amount of shimmer to it without looking like a disco ball.

I wasn't too sure about this eye shadow when I first had a look at it purely because it was far too pink for me and the gold shimmer looked far too chunky for me. However, I have to eat my words because it is another beautiful shade and the chunky shimmers are not as chunky as I thought. The shade would work as an all over lid colour on its own or blended with a dark gold or brown - I sense an EOTD post coming up using this!

Marble Sparkle is true to its name with a whole lot of sparkle and eye catching glimmer. Described as a "shimmery grey, white" on the BM Beauty website, the shade couldn't be far from a grey.
Anyone see a hint of grey in the swatch? No? Yeah, me neither.
I very much doubt that I'll get any use out of this eye shadow purely because it is way too shimmery to use as a highlight or an all over lid colour. That being said, there was minimal fall out from when I swatched the shadow and will probably only see the light of day if I step in to a time machine and go back about 10 years.

Final Thoughts:
After having a play around with the brushes and eye shadows, I'm not really converted and planning a big shopping list of products from BM Beauty. Although the quality is pretty good and the colours are pretty, I'm not immediately drawn to anything from the brand or plan on having a closer look at anything either. All products are pretty similar to what is already available on the market, albeit non-PETA approved versions.
I'm most impressed by the brushes as they're really soft and would probably recommend them out of the products I tried but don't take my word for it... If you like the look of what you saw and want to have a closer look at the rest of the range then gander over to the BM Beauty website.
The brushes start from £6.00 and eye shadows are £7.00 each.

What do you think? Does the whole ex-Pussycat Doll thing catch your eye or will you be saving your pennies?

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your


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  1. I think that the blending brush looks really good!! xxx

  2. I like the look of the golden eyeshadow and the angled brush but after reading your review I'm not sure I'll be rushing to try them. X

  3. The shadows are pretty but nothing I havent seen before!

  4. I use dusty road every day its so beautiful.

    I have misplaced it in the past two days though :'(.


  5. The brushes look great indeed :)

  6. I wonder if the pink one could double as a blush/highlight??? PS Please follow me on my new blog:


  7. thanks for your honest review! the pink shadow swatch caught my eye


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