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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Benefit Flash Sale!!!

I'm a big fan of Benefit make up and the last year or so has opened my eyes to what the brand have to offer. From their cute and quirky packaging to their long lasting packaging, the brand has stayed true to it's fun and light hearted roots throughout the years.
For the first time ever, to celebrate the launch of their new They're Real mascara, Benefit are having a ONE DAY ONLY flash sale where you can pick up the new mascara 3 weeks before it launches. Sweet deal, right?
The flash sale will take place at the 10 stores stated on the flyer above as well as in the London boutiques in Spitalfields Market and Covent Garden.
Make sure you get the date in your diary now because the new They're Real mascara will only be available to buy on Saturday 6th August and if you miss it, well you'll just have to wait until 27th August which is when it will go nationwide.

I've been using the mascara for two days now and it is pretty amazing, I have to admit. The brush is unique as gives your lashes a really good boost so look out for my full review next week.

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4 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. Definitely a good way to get people to buy their mascara by making it only available in certain shops! x

  2. Hi Kia,
    The one day only flash sale will only be for stores listed on the flyer but you will be able to purchase the mascara from 27th August nationwide and online so you can still buy it.x

  3. Aw I wish it was available online on the 6th aswell! I am nowhere near any of those stores. Guess I'll just have to wait 'til I come back from my holiday!

  4. I will be in Henry St, Dublin on the 6th - no doubt about it!


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