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Thursday, 23 June 2011

NOTD: Maybelline Forever Strong Pro '490 Hot Salsa'

I think I may just have found the coral nailpolish that I've been looking for!
While on my quest to find a coral shade that could fill the gaping hole of my beloved Rimmel 'Coralicious', it didn't occur to me to look at Maybelline nail polishes. I tried products from Barry M, Rimmel, Max Factor, Revlon and all other High Street brands but nothing could match up to my first love. That was until I swatched this one today and knew that I had finally hit the jackpot.

Hot Salsa by Maybelline is from their Forever Strong Pro range of nailpolishes and is apparently meant to give up to 7 days of wear but I'm not too sure. I'm always sceptical about nail products that guarantee a week or more of wear without chipping and I hardly ever wear a nailpolish for longer than 3 days to find out if it'll last but I'm tempted to try it out with this one. The colour is a gorgeous mix of orange, pink and red which would suit all skin tones and probably look even better when paired with a tan.

The brush for this product is probably one of the best ones I have used in a long time and I think it's all down to the shape and thickness of it...
The brush is perfect to apply each coat really smoothly and doesn't drag the nailpolish so there are no random thick gloops. The bristles are rounded off so they work around your cuticle and not all over them which also gives you more control when painting your nails. I've seen a lot of brands trying out new brush styles to help give a better finish while painting nails but most of them are either too wide or have bristles that are too long but this one is right in the middle so it has a big thumbs up from me.

Are there any other shades from the Maybelline Forever Strong Pro collection that I should try? After such a good experience with this product, I definitely want to try more!

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