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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

NOTD: Maybelline Express Finish '850 - Khaki Green'

A few days ago I wrote a post on some new Maybelline nail polishes that I picked up while roaming around in Boots and this was one of them. As I mentioned in the post, I've never really explored the range of Maybelline nail polishes and usually just browse their mascaras and lipsticks but this caught my eye along with a couple of others.
This is Khaki Green...
It is a gold-green shade and unlike any other colour that I own already so it was welcomed in to my collection. However, my camera didn't really pick up on the green shade as much as I wanted it to so I tried taking a photo on my Blackberry and it looks like this...

You can definitely see the gold-green shade a lot more in this image than the previous one so it's probably down the the Blackberry's white flash as opposed to the yellow-ish one of my camera.
The first coat went on really streaky but all is fixed with the second coat which goes on smooth and thick so there is no need for a third coat. These Express Finish nail polishes by Maybelline are meant to dry in 40 seconds but this one definitely didn't so if it wasn't for my trust bottle of Seche Vite, I'd probably still be sitting here waiting for my nails to dry.
It'll be interesting to see how long this nail polish lasts before it begins to chip or wear at the tips so I'll keep you all posted!

Have any of you tried the Express Finish nail polishes from Maybelline? Any recommendations?

Until next time...
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  1. OOoo i really like the metallic effect :) x

  2. Hi Kia,
    Thanks for the comment. There is another metallic-ish shade in the range which is purple so if you're into them, you should definitely check it out.x

  3. Hi Reyna,
    Thanks for commenting! x

  4. Hi Parenting Articles,

    Thank you for the comment :) x

  5. I have a permanent slight tremor in my hands, so painting on nail varnish can be a painstakingly slow and sometimes hit & miss affair! but this Maybelline is a dream to apply on even the right-hand fingers, the brush didn't stray past my v short nails to skin, it surpasses Chanel's, the colour spread easily so 2 coats was quick to do. The green is nice in 1 coat, but really cool with 2, a sort of molten green .. I love khaki green in t-shirts, boots, anything casual, and to get the fingertips khaki is good :)

  6. Also, back in town today I looked at other Maybelline polishes, and painted a tiny swatch of the Turquoise Green on my left hand .. it is a deadly molten metallic teal, seems a true turquoise .. accurately named, rather than blue dominating in any way .. one day might be brave enough to try, at under €5 they're a steal


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