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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

NOTD: Filthy Gorgeous 'Glee'

Yesterday was the first time I saw Chanel's Mimosa in person and I have to admit, I wasn't the slightest bit moved by it. It just didn't look like anything amazing and definitely not something I would have expected from Chanel so I skipped on past the counter and put the idea of owning it out of my mind. However, when I got home I suddenly wanted it but refused to pay £16 for a nailpolish that I probably won't use again - I already have Paradoxal for that.
Anyway, I went rummaging around in my nailpolish collection and found this number by Filthy Gorgeous sitting next to a yellow Barry M nailpolish that stained my nails.
Glee is a bright yellow shade that is actually a lot brighter than what you see in the photo above which means it is most definitely eye catching. The fact that it's called Glee is a major bonus for me seeing as I'm such a big fan of the TV show (Yes, I'm a Gleek. Can we move on now?!)
There is no undercover shimmer running through the shade or duo-tone to it either like Mimosa by Chanel. It is a simple block yellow shade that I think would suit tanned and olive toned skin more than paler skintones. If you consider yourself to be paler than paler then you might want to give this shade a miss as you don't want your hands to look jaundiced but if you are extremely fair and have made a bright yellow light this work for you then happy days!

What do you lot think? Does Glee make you gleeful? Answers in the box as usual.

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