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Monday, 13 June 2011

NOTD: Accessorize 'Aztec'

I've had this nailpolish sitting in my drawer for a while now and can still remember buying it from Accessorize in Covent Garden at some point last year. However, I had never swatched it let alone applied it to all nails so when I came across it last week, I figured that I really ought to give it a try. It is a very similar if not exact dupe for a MAC nailpolish shade that was released with the Venemous Villains collection last year but without the MAC price tag as this one was £5, I think.

This is 'Aztec' by Accessorize:
Duo chrome nailpolishes (That is what they're called, right?) have been around for a while and are a pain in the buttcheeks to photograph because you're almost always going to wash out one of the colours in the nailpolish. This particular nailpolish is a combination of purple and green with a hint of gold so you can imagine my frustration while trying to capture all three shades and glimmers with my camera!

After taking what felt like 100 photos, I settled on this one to give you an idea of all the shades:
Can you see the purple and the green and the gold-ish flecks now?
It really is a pretty colour and even had my brother going "Oooooh" but I'm not completely sure that this type of thing is for me. I loved GOSH 'Holographic' and Orly 'Royal Velvet' but there was just something about this product that I didn't like which was a shame because others have seemed to love it.

Oh and please don't comment on my horrific cuticles... I know they're in a major state right now and don't need anyone to point them out. Thanks!

Until next time...
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