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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mini Maybelline Haul

It dawned on me the other day that I didn't own very many Maybelline nailpolishes and I very rarely hear people talking about an amazing shade they might have found from the brand. Apart from the recent dusty rose, greige and khaki shades they came out with last year, there has been very little buzz from the brand that actually has a huge product range. So, I took it upon myself to dig a little deeper and see what other products I could uncover from such a well known high street brand. The first thing I checked out were their nailpolishes, seeing as I have purchased pretty much all of their mascaras over the years.

To be honest, I wasn't really moved by their nailpolishes but the following three did catch my eye...
L-R: Express Finish Diamonds in Flash Cosmic, Express Finish in Khaki Green and Forever Strong Pro in Hot Salsa.

I first saw the Flash Cosmic nailpolish in a post on Makeup Savvy and thought it looked quite nice but never gave it a second thought afterwards until I saw it Boots yesterday. A transparent nailpolish with teeny flecks of blue and pink shimmers, the product is quite different to anything in my stash but does slightly remind me of GOSH 'Rainbow'.
The Khaki Green nailpolish is another that I didn't have anything like in my collection and took a while for me to decide on whether I actually wanted it or not as it's a shade I've never worn before. However, between a toss up of this one or a purple-ish shade, the Khaki Green one purely because I'm not a big fan of purple nailpolishes so couldn't justify spending money on one. That being said, if you love the colour of MAC's eyeshadow in Parfair Amour, then you should definitely check out the purple shade in the Maybelline Express Finish range because it looks exactly like it!
As a big fan of coral nailpolishes, I've found it really hard to find the perfect shade. I've purchased loads of different coral shades but none of them pick up the right amount of orange, pink and red like my old favourite by Rimmel called Coralicious. I know that Coralicious isn't actually a limited edition shade or anything but Rimmel definitely reformulated it because now it looks nothing like the original one that I had. Oh well, such is life. I saw this one when I was picking up the other two nailpolishes and thought I'd give it a try and see if it could satisfy my need for the perfect coral. It seems to tick all the right boxes on first glance but I'll have to see how it looks once on so watch this space for the swatches.

What new nailpolishes have you picked up lately? Anything that you would say I "must have"? Let me know!

Until next time...
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