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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Little Treat...

I love handbags, like the rest of the female population, and try to make the most out of them before they get cast aside for a new one so I know I've used it as much as I can and justified the purchase. As much as I love expensive bags, sometimes you really can't beat a gorgeous one off from the high street and that is exactly what I've invested in this year. I've been yearning for a new bag for a while now so decided to treat myself and ordered one off ASOS but I was so unimpressed with it when it arrived because the leather was scratched so I went on the hunt for a new one and found this instead:

Actually, I didn't hunt this one down as much as I saw it on my cousin's fiancee and decided that I needed to have it in my life. Made out of real leather, this tan handbag is lightweight and really spacious inside which is ideal for me to lug around all my bits and bobs without doing myself a serious neck/shoulder injury. I also love the fact that it has a removable shoulder strap too so I can change the way I carry it around depending on the outfit I'm wearing.

Side detailing:
Each side of the bag has a zip detailing which can either be zipped up or down and it kind of reminds me of the zip feature on a suitcase where you can unzip it to make it expand ever so slightly... Do you know what I mean? No? Ok, it's just me then!

Off the arm:

Off the shoulder:

Across the body:
There are 3 ways to carry this bag and although I will most probably have it hanging off my arm or shoulder, it's nice to know that I can mix things up by throwing it across my body for a more casual look.

The inside:
It really is spacious inside and has a deep zip pocket as well as two side pockets for things like a mobile or iPod which I always end up losing in my "suitcase" of a handbag. Does anyone else ever lose their mobile in their huge handbags and end up emptying out the contents before you find it? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that does that.
The only thing I wish the bag had was a zip closure instead of magnetic button fastening because I'm going to have to be extra careful now when I throw my bag around, which I do quite often. There's always going to be a risk of something falling out of my bag or some pickpocketer trying to get their sticky fingers in to it but fingers crossed I'm not victim to either of those!

I picked this beauty up from Oasis in Westfield for £45 so if you're after a new bag then you should definitely check it out. I've also seen a couple of cute satchel bags in Primark so I think I might need to treat myself to those while I'm at it ;-)

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your

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10 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. I knew I shouldn't have looked at this post! I have serious bag envy. The leather looks so buttery and soft. x

  2. Gorgeous bag and can be carried in different ways it's perfect :-) x

  3. Hey Zoe,
    Hahahahahaha! You're lucky I didn't post the pic of my ASOS bag because it was really gorgeous but such a shame about the scratches in the leather. I was not happy!
    This bag is so soft and it'll only get softer while I use it ;-) You NEED it! xx

  4. Hi Catherine,
    I've never carried such a large across-the-body bag but this one seems to work. I will definitely post a pic when I do carry it like that to show how it looks properly.xx

  5. Hi Golden Glow and Cotton,
    Thanks for the comments!xx


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