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Monday, 2 May 2011

Review: Babyliss Waving Wand

Do any of you ever have days where you get really fed up with your hair and wish you could just click your fingers and have a different hair style? I know I do! I've always had long straight hair since I was little and after a chop back in my teens, I've always had semi-long straight hair that has no volume. I've tried rollers, curling tongs and all sorts to try and give my hair some oomph but have had no joy so when I heard about the Babyliss Waving Wand, my interest piqued.

I've seen quite a few of these clamp-less wand products, especially outside the UGG shop in Westfield, but I've always walked straight past the annoying sales people with a bitchface on so they'll leave me alone. They always seem so gimmicky but then again, that might just be down to those overly cheesy grins plastered all over the faces of the sales people.
The first thing that attracted me to the Babyliss Waving Wand was the fact that it wasn't going to give me curly corkscrew hair. I mean, I would love to have curls like that but I've accepted that my hair is too thick to do that so I figured wavy hair would be another alternative. I've tried to achieve the look on the box before sans wand but it all went wrong and I ended up with a frizzbucket of a mane so I was intrigued to see if I could get this to work in my hair.

This is what you get in the box:
A waving wand, instruction manual and heat-resistant glove.

A closer look at the wand:

I love the fact that it has a temperature control setting as it makes it easier to use for those with fine hair that don't want to sizzle their locks with the top temperature. As my hair is quite thick I've had to use it on the highest setting to ensure that the waves actually stay and not fall as soon as I've released the hair from the barrel.

A closer look at the barrel:
The oval shaped barrel is the main feature that stands out with the wand as it ensures you end up with wavy hair and not curly hair. If any of you are like me and are dying for a change from straight locks, then this shape barrel with give you the change you're looking for.

One thing that I made sure I use when using any styling product is a heat protectant spray or balm for my hair. At the moment I'm using Aussie Take The Heat leave-in spray (review to follow) when I straighten my hair or use the waving wand just to make sure that I'm keeping it healthy at the same time.

This is my hair after it has been straightened. OK, I know it kind of defeats the purpose of using a waving wand after my hair has been straightened but if I had used the wand on my hair without using any kind of styling tool beforehand, it would have been a major frizz attack. I used the Cloud Nine styling irons on my hair, if any of you were wondering - You can see my review on them HERE.

The Waving Wand was pretty easy to use and although there was some difficulty doing the back of my head, it's nothing that some clever arm movements couldn't handle. The tool itself gave me the beachy waves that I've always wanted but they did kind of fall out after a few hours but this is due to the fact that I put no other holding product in my hair so I guess that it wasn't too bad after all. If I was going out and wanted to do the wavy thing then I would have to add some sort of hairspray or sea salt glue spray to it just to make sure it sticks and not go flat half way through the night.

Overall, on a scale of 1-5 on the Bounce-O-Metre then I would give the Babyliss Waving Wand a 4 out of 5. It is quite simple to use (as long as you keep the glove on) and the temperature control setting is a good feature so those with different hair types can adjust it accordingly. The only thing that I wish it came with is an extra glove to stop you from having to switch the glove over to whichever handing you're using to wrap with... It's not a major issue but it would save a lot of time and make the whole process easier.

The Babyliss Waving Wand is priced at £21.45 and available from Amazon but if you've got some Boots Advantage Card points to burn then you can buy it from them online for £25.63.

Until next time...
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  1. Ive just bought the conical which I need to try out soon babyliss just keep bringing out of these wonder tools dont they x

  2. Hi Bows & Butterflies!
    The Waving Wand makes a nice change from the conical wands out there because you get loose beachy waves.. I definitely recommend it!xoxo

  3. Last year I went through a bit of a mental phase of buying all the Babyliss styling tools and this one is by far my favourite.

    Your hair looks gorgeous!

    Beth x

  4. I use Babyliss straighteners and was considering a waver- thanks for this review, I might well splurge my boots points for once!

  5. I have the conical wand but I think I'd rather have this instead. I'd love to have beautiful non frizzy wavy hair! x

  6. Your hair is lovely. These waves are beautiful. Think I'll be killed it I bring anymore hair electricals home haha

  7. This looks so much better than those conical wand things! It's also quite well priced compared to most Babyliss products x

  8. Great review:) I'm just putting mine up. Love this waver far too much! got it for christmas
    Lovely blog:)


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