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Saturday, 21 May 2011

NOTD: Filthy Gorgeous 'Brill'

It has been a long time since I've adorned my nails with a bright red and even though I own quite a few shades of red, I never use them. I actually don't know why because I used to love wearing red but I think once I started building up a mean collection of nailpolishes, I got blinded by the rest of the colours there are out there.

Anyway, this is a gorgeous orange-red shade by Filthy Gorgeous called 'Brill' and brill it is!
The orange-ish tinge doesn't actually translate in the photo but to the eye, it is definitely not a pillar box red or fire engine red like I've seen before. It is a lot more vibrant than both of those shades and will definitely look even better with a tan or naturally olive toned skin so if you're on the hunt for a new red nailpolish but something a little different, you should give this one a try. However, the only downside to this product is that I had to apply three coats of it and then a standard coat of Seche Vite but then that it probably down to me being really anal about me not being able to see the line across my nails or anything. Oh well!

Like all Filthy Gorgeous nail polishes, you can buy them from Debenhams Oxford Street, Debenhams Glasgow, Debenhams online AND if you're lucky, you can find a Filthy Gorgeous nailpolish stand in your local Debenhams now (Well, in 55 stores anyway!)

What do you lot think? Brill or not? Answers in the box!

Until next time...
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