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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

NOTD: Barry M 'Spring Green'

The other day, I went hunting in my nailpolish drawers to see if I could find some hidden gem that I had cast off as rubbish or completely forgotten about and surprisingly enough, I was right. There seems to be quite a few products in there that I didn't even know I owned or that I've probably used once but never gone back to which seems like a shame but I guess such is life. After all of my rummaging, I came up with nothing except the fact that I didn't own a lot of green nailpolishes. I have a few lime green and pastel shades but no 'grass' green colours so I set that as my mission for the week.

My first point of call was Boots as they have so many brands to choose from but I knew which one in particular I was going to be heading for...
Good ol' Barry M. At £2.99 a pop, you really couldn't ask for a better deal or a selection of nailpolishes so when I saw this number sitting in the rack I figured it would be a good start to my mission.
Spring Green by Barry M is actually a lot more 'neon'-ish in life than it is captured in a photo but it's a gorgeous colour nonetheless. The first coat went on streaky but the second coat evened it all out and gave a nice opaque finish which I love about Barry M nailpolishes. There are some in the range that are so thin and crappy, regardless of how many coats you do, but then there are others like this one that go on so smooth and look great.

If you know of any other green nailpolishes that I should try out then drop the details in the comments box so I can look into it and start building up a little family :-)

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your

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22 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. I love that colour! My favourite green nail varnish is Essie's Going Incognito. I did a post on it here -

  2. Thank you for your comment Dorka! I just translated it using Google Translate and I agree.. It really is beautiful colour :) xx

  3. I only have mint greens so now you have me wanting a similar colour to this LOL it loks fab you have lovely nails! x

  4. Hey Zoe,
    Thanks for commenting and dropping a link to the Essie polish on your blog. I had a look (left a comment too!)xx

  5. It's not a grass green, but Zoya Midori is absolutely beautiful and well with a look!

  6. This is pretty -I really wish green was my colour!

  7. That looks lovely. I only have one green polish - OPI Jade is the New Black - it's really nice.

    YOu just can't beat Barry M though for great colours at brilliant prices.


  8. nice colour i have a nice green nailpolish from H&M which applies really well

  9. Hi Reyna,
    Thank you for your comment :)xx

  10. Hi LionLovingTiger,
    I have yet to try OPI's Jade Is The New Black but I'll add that to my list ;-) xx

  11. Hi Polish Mentalist,
    I've just taken a look at Zoya 'Midori' and it is gorgeous!!! Thanks for making me lust after it and adding it to my wish list.xx

  12. Hi Rachel,
    I think you should try different shades of green because you might find one that works for you.x

  13. Hi Hanhan, I've never tried nailpolishes from H&M - Are they any good?x

  14. Yeah H&M nailpolishes are its very easy to apply (this is Hanhan but i changed my name lol)


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