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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Must Have: NARS Blush Bronzer Trio

It's very rare that I come across a product that I think is a 'must have' but when I saw this NARS Blush Bronzer Trio, I knew it was going to be worth a blog post. This was sent to me a few weeks ago and I've been using it non stop because it is just so convinient to have everything in one place which also makes it ideal for travel.

The NARS Blush Bronzer Trio is fab because it comes in a little zip up case with a handy mirror inside so you can touch up your blusher or bronzer wherever you are and it eliminates the need to take extra products in your handbag or when you go on holiday. Once unzipped, there are three of the most popular NARS products nestled inside: Orgasm (blush), Albatross (highlighter) and Laguna (bronzer).

I've never owned Orgasm or Albratross but have heard countless glowing reviews on them and their ability to suit almost any skintone. The Laguna bronzer is a hit or miss product for some people and I'm one of those that is definitely on the fence with it. Although the shade is pretty and I like the fine particles of shimmer that run through it, it always makes me look a bit muddy. Now, this might be due to the fact that I've been looking a bit pasty over the last few months but I'm not a big bronzer fan anyway so that part of the trio remains unloved for the time being.

If you're looking to downsize your travel makeup bag or the products you carry in your every day makeup bag then this is a definate must have. I know that I'll be taking this along with me wherever I go on holiday this year (fingers crossed!) purely because of the fact that it comes in a case with a zip fastening so there are no worries that it might pop open at some point in your bag and it also contains three great NARS products.
The only thing left to do is to book that holiday!

The NARS Blush Bronzer Trio is part of the Portrait of Paradise Collection and is priced at £39.00. You can pick it up from your nearest counter or online from Selfridges.

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23 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. I'm definitely buying this, I saw it on the Nars website! It looks so good! x

  2. ooh how gorgeous to have all 3 together, im not a huge fan of orgasm but love the idea if it had been a different shade blush xx

  3. Thanks for commenting, Loren. It really is a must-have product and it's just to handy to have.xx

  4. I really want this but I already have Orgasm and Laguna! Wish they did these in different shades xx

  5. damn i have all three separately and now they come out with this:(...great review though:)

  6. I have this and it's amazeballs! Only downside is my brush sometimes picks out all three products when I just want one... *cue shiny nose*

    Sami x

  7. I've eyed this up a few times but I think the highlighter might be a little bit too slim and it would be difficult to get enough on a brush without dipping into Orgasm/Laguna.

    I've gone through around 3 Laguna palettes now and each of them have eventually smashed so that would be my other concern... it's a shame because I love all of the products and it's so handy.

    As it is I depotted Orgasm and Albatross from the Nars Bridal palette I had and I've put them into a little small MAC palette along with my fav eyeshadows. They weren't the easiest items to depot and I did smush a bit of them but I love having them together instead of having to carry individually.

    It's a great idea though and the palette itself is lovely - thanks for the review.


  8. This look great! It's exactly what I need, all three in one!

  9. omg i didnt even know about this.. thank youuu. i shall be picking up mine next time i pop into selfridges :)

  10. Hey Sriya,
    I guess it is a pain when you already own the shades BUT atleast with this, they're all in one place ;-) xx

  11. Hi Nicoletta,
    It's a shame that you're not a big fan of Orgasm so I guess it's probably not for you. Maybe they will come out with similar products in the next collection.xx

  12. Hi Priyanka,
    Maybe you can justify this one as a travel expense even though you already have the single pieces. There's always a way! Lol.x

  13. Hey Sami,
    I've not had that problem because I use an angled brush so it makes it easier to pick up colour than a big blush brush.x

  14. Hey Golden Glow,
    Convinient is definitely a good word for it! x

  15. Hi LionLovingTiger,
    I've not hit pan on my Laguna bronzer but I have had other people tell me they've had that problem where the product shatters once it gets to the bottom so I'm hoping that that doesn't happen to this product.
    Good idea about depotting the other products and putting them into a palette... I think I might depot my MAC blushers soon and put them in a blush palette.xx

  16. Hi Kirsten Jane,
    It's great because all 3 products in one place so if you were considering buying them all, this is fab.x

  17. Hi Cotton,
    You're going to love the trio once you see it. Make sure you take a look at the other products in the collection too as they're all gorgeous!x

  18. I think I may need this! x

  19. I've never tried any of these and only got my first Nars face product (Deep Throat) a few months ago but this has made me want more!!! When payday comes....

  20. Hi Zoe,
    You definitely NEED it. You'd be incomplete without it ;-) xx

  21. Hi JadeyLou,
    There's no reason why you can't have this trio as well as Deep Throat! Lol.
    If anything, you'll be getting a sweeter deal now because you're getting three NARS products instead of just one.xx


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